10 Things More Worth Your While Than Fyre Festival Tickets
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10 Things You Could've Bought INSTEAD Of A Ticket To Fyre Festival

Because nothing says "rip-off" like Kraft singles and nine pieces of lettuce.

10 Things You Could've Bought INSTEAD Of A Ticket To Fyre Festival

With two documentaries jumping on the fall of the Fyre Festival, it is almost hard to find news that doesn't involve the infamous scandal and rip-off that was the brain-child of Billy McFarland and Ja Rule.

Cheese sandwiches, wifi-wristbands that people put more than $3,000 into while on an island with almost no wifi, and $12,000 airfare and white tents (that were meant to be villas) that didn't hold up were just a few of the wrongful events to garner revenue for this later cancelled festival. I don't even want to talk about the Evian water unloading situation. Talk about yikes.

The tickets for this event ranged from $500-$1,500, and packages insisted on people spending more towards accommodations and money on their wristbands. A steep and unreasonable price range, there are so many things you could have purchased instead. That being said, here are a few:

Beyonce VIP Tickets


The average price for her VIP tickets for the OTR II tour was just under $2,000. You could buy at least 6 or 7 VIP tickets and get a much better experience with a show that is less likely to cancel on you.

Over 4,000 Tudor's Biscuit World Biscuits


You can buy over 4,000-something Tudor's Biscuit World biscuit meals (which are huge, by the way) with $2,000. Sit fat and happy on your mound of bread and bacon.

You can watch Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse almost 1,333 times.


A solid and beautiful film, I'm sure you wouldn't mind quoting it by heart and seeing it every time you close your eyes.

80 Yeezy Slides


If you're really passionate for Mr. 'Ye, you can definitely dabble in his "quality" and totally-not-just-covered-in-basketball-shorts-material slip-on shoes. You'll be the talk of a generation. A different color for every bad decision you make.

You can afford almost five months rent in a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan.


Outrageous and probably soul shattering, I know. But, you can say that that money went into some interesting adventures with high society.

About 57 boxes of 24-pack gold plated staples.


While there is no reason you should EVER have gold plated staples, even to prove a point, a 24 pack costs about $210 each. That's still a better purchase than being on an island in a tent and fighting your neighbor for a roll of toilet paper.

About 4,316 pudding cups.


No, I'm not saying to try it with a cheese stick. I'm saying you'll never go hungry with that many pudding cups...and who doesn't like pudding? (If you don't like pudding, I'm sorry, but your opinion is wrong.)

93 day passes to Disney World.


You could honestly see the in's and out's of the entirety of Disney World several times. You have 93 full days, not counting merchandise, food, or hotels, to experience the happiest place on earth enough to make all the 4 year olds jealous.

You can purchase a tiger cub and put a down payment on its brother.


What do rich people dream when they're taking a tiger snooze? That's right. Owning tigers.

You can honestly buy a tiger cub for $7,500, and put a down payment on a play friend for him. That's a pretty good price for a cool way to die.

240 Ja Rule tickets. 


Yes, he actually has upcoming shows this year and next. You could be the only one there, and that's not fraud, or false advertising.

There are so many things one can purchase with a threshold of $12,000, and these are just a few.

Don't get me wrong, a weekend getaway to a music festival is tempting, but, if there's anything you can spend your cash on, there are at least 10 things that would be more worth your while.

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