Hey you. Remember me? I'm you from the past. Stressed out you, worrisome you, but hardworking you. You're probably reading this and thinking: Wow. Everything actually worked out for me, even though I never thought it would.

You always used to put pressure on yourself. Pressure to be successful, the pressure to make something of yourself. You've always been independent and wanted to do everything on your own. Now, look how far you've come. You've stopped overthinking and stopped underestimating yourself like you used to do so well.

Or at least I hope that's the case.

I hope you are successful. I hope you are thriving. But most of all, I hope you're happy. Because when push comes to shove, your happiness comes before all of that other stuff.

I hope you're married, living in a beautiful house with beautiful children and a loving husband. It's what you always wanted. It's what you deserve. Oh, and dogs. Lots of dogs.

I hope you have a job that you love and allows you to live the comfortable life you've always wanted. You never cared about being the richest or having the nicest things, you just wanted a life you could call your own where you didn't have to worry. So I hope you got that.

I hope that you have found peace. Growing up, there was always a weight on your shoulders. Would you graduate? Would you get a job? Would you make enough money? Where would you live? What would be the next move?

I hope you're finally at a point where all of those underlying stressors are gone, never to be seen again. I hope you're just living your life the way that you had always planned. That is why you worked so hard in your past — to get to where you are now.