If you have not seen "Black Mirror's" new movie Bandersnatch I highly recommend it. It is a thriller that lets you decide what happens next. I know that sounds insane but it's true. Some people think of it as a simple computer game but it's nothing like a computer game, it's a Netflix movie. If you have seen "Black Mirror" or know of it then you know they are well known for getting people to think. "Black Mirror" usually takes it's time setting up the scene and the feel of the show but once you are into it, it is action packed until the end.

Bandersnatch is about a kid who wants to work for this gaming company and his debut game "Bandersnatch" will be his ticket in. I don't want to spoil the movie for you so I won't give too many details. So basically like I said you get to pick what happens next in the movie. You pick the main character's actions and words. Depending on what you pick, you will be sent back in the movie to an event that already happened or you will move forward. Each set of decisions you make will lead you to an alternate ending.

I believe that this will be the future of streaming because it gets people into the movie and instead of falling asleep or just using the movie as background noise it is almost like you the viewer are making the movie. It is a really cool concept in my opinion that will keep people interested throughout the whole movie and not just the first 45 minutes to 1 hour. A lot of critics think that the creator of "Black Mirror" is making people think too much or just making a simple video game with the movie. The responses that he gave was basically if you don't want to think then don't watch black mirror. That is the simple way of putting it. "Black Mirror" is a show to make people think about there actions. The creator is trying to make us more aware of our daily actions. In my opinion, "Black Mirror" is a symbol for the TV screen. When a TV is off or completely black, it is like a mirror. I feel like through these shows we are watching ourselves and our bad habits through the "black mirror". I could be wrong, who knows.

To wrap things up, I really do believe that this is one of the best things to stream and you won't regret it. Even though it is just a movie you do get caught up in decisions. You only have two options and 10 seconds to pick one. In my opinion, it is very intense and great to watch alone or with a group of friends. It will have you confused and surprised also, happy and sad. There are no wrong decisions! Some are better than others though. Go check out Bandersnatch you will not regret it.