Fur Accents
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As we plow on through these unbearable winter months, getting stuck in a fashion rut is common. We like to double-up on leggings and hide in our broken-in sweatshirts. Awaken your fashion sense with warm and cozy accessories like faux fur accents. Recently, these furry frills have reappeared on the radar of the most fashionable ladies, like the Olsen twins and Victoria Beckham. Even Scott Disick is jumping on the fur bandwagon. Whether you are bold enough for a fur jacket or like to keep it simple with a Topshop fur snood, you are sure to be on trend. When incorporating fur into your ensemble, it is important to remember a few things.

Without question, fur is bold. This means that the rest of your outfit should act as a canvas for your fur accent. Your get-up should be neutral in color, but that does not mean you can’t play with texture.  Leather leggings and a textured sweater keep the look subdued without skimping on style.  Playing with texture can be a bit tricky, so remember to mix your items of clothing carefully. In short, steer clear of multiple fur or leather items.

Next on the styling list is making sure to combine ladylike and toughness in the right way. Fur is classically thought of as sweet and ladylike. Without an element of toughness, the look loses the modern edge we all wish to possess. This idea of toughness brings oversized hardware and black accessories to mind.  Bringing together a luxurious fur snood and harder pieces, like biker boots and Ray-Bans aviators, allows the classic lady to rock strong pieces effortlessly.

In December 2013, Pantone released the 2014 Color of the Year. Many were delighted to see Radiant Orchid displayed as the hue for fashion forecasts. You girls that shy from color can still implement this fresh, new color into your look by implementing jewelry in this tint. What better way to do so than showcasing these Kendra Scott Morgan Stud Earrings in Violet? The brand-new earrings exude just the right amount of this Orchid-like shade without being overbearing. Who knew a stud could make such a statement? These fabulous jewels are the perfect dash of color to this ensemble.

Lastly, slick on this Nars lip crayon. This stick provides the appropriate portion of moisture, while giving you that on-trend matte finish. When sporting a darker lip, one must remember to keep the rest of the makeup minimal. Just a few swipes of mascara and a bit of bronzer should be enough to pull the look together. With an outfit straying on the tough side, it is imperative to keep with a sweeter beauty look.

Like Flo Rida said, “Boots with the fur, the whole club was looking at her.” Not exactly, but boots and fur in the same look are more than acceptable.  Whether you are heading to brunch or happy hour, this outfit is sure to turn the heads of the most eligible bachelors and fellow fashionistas.


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