20 Of The Funniest Vines To Get You Through The Day

Vine. You all know it, you all love it. There's nothing better than unwinding after a stressful day by watching a Vine compilation. So I've put together some of my favorite ones for you to watch during your mid-week break. Or you could just watch them over and over again. That's what I'm going to do, anyway. Enjoy!

1. "Baby It's Cold Outside"

This is my favorite Vine of all time. The voices are perfect, and the expressions are even more perfect.

2. ""Back at it again at Krispy Kreme"

Sometimes I wonder if this guy was ever allowed back at Krispy Kreme.

3. "Cool for the summer"

Demi, I think you went from 0 to 100 a bit too fast there.

4. "I'm in me mum's car"

This one's just pure. I love how her mum gets in on the joke.

5. "Take on Me"

This might be the most iconic Vine of all time.

6. "Mind yo business, David!"

This is honestly what we've all wanted to say about every single word problem in math class.

7. "Road work ahead"

Thanks to this Vine, I say this every time I pass a "Road Work Ahead" sign.

8. "The Jonas Brothers"

We all laughed at this girl, but she was right all along.

9. "American Girl Dolls"

Why are young children the sassiest people on Earth?

10. "It's an avocado!"

Try not saying "Thaaaaanks" every time you see an avocado after watching this Vine. It's practically impossible.

11. "You can't go!"

What a good boy. I'd let him go with me.

12. "Narrating people's lives: At the cafe!"

Both reactions are priceless, I can't choose a favorite.

13. "Why?"

I guess the only question here is, "Why?"

14. "Give me my hat back, Jordan!"

I...honestly don't know what's going on here, but it's hilarious.

15. "I am confusion"

Honestly, most Americans don't even know why it's pronounced like that.

16. "Screaming at batteries"

I can relate to this guy.

17. "Anything for you, Beyonce!

We must do as the Queen says.

18. "Change your shirt"

He has some very convincing arguments.

19. "Completely giving up on life"

I would 100% watch this show.

20. "I could've dropped my croissant"

Getting scared and almost dropping your croissant can be a very real problem.

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