If you're like me, you'll know that goats are some of the cutest little creatures on earth. These 7 pictures are to demonstrate just that to all the haters that disagree. Hope you enjoy!

1. Goats like chillin' on trampolines, too.

When you were younger (and if you had a trampoline), when you weren't jumping, you were chillin' on it with friends making jokes and playing dumb games like "would you rather", am i right? Well, goats seem to do that as well.

2. You can walk goats like you can walk your dog!

C'mon now, how is that NOT adorable?

3. They get along with other animals.

Which means, they will probably fall right in line with your dog or cat.

4. They like to climb.

Need I say more?

5. They can be sophisticated.

Once again, getting along with other animals.

They like being comfy, too.

See, the perfect companion for your lazy days.

7. They're all around precious beings.

So majestic, so photogenic.

Hopefully these pictures helped make the decision to adopt a sweet goat into your life.