Tried Function Of Beauty Shampoo, And Am Not Going Back
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Tried Function Of Beauty Shampoo, Am Not Going Back

While yes customizable beauty products may be boujee, they really work


A new trend I noticed recently was customizable beauty products. While the idea seems aesthetically pleasing I wondered to myself if the extra money really worth it for your hair and skin or if it is just for the look of having your name written on your products?

So I decided to try it for myself and switched my shampoo and conditioner to Function of Beauty's customizable shampoo and conditioner set and I am never going back.

How it works is that you fill out a five-minute questionnaire about your hair. You describe your hair type, structure and, your scalp's moisture. Then you pick five things that you want to work on for your hair such as split or dry ends or your hairs shine. As someone who gets really oily roots but dry ends, I have struggled to find shampoo and conditioner that did not make my hair too dry nor too oily.

Function of Beauty allowed me to specify what I wanted to fix my hair and then used that when deciding what ingredients to put in my shampoo and conditioner. As someone who dyes my hair, it is color safe and can come in multiple colors or in a pearly white with no dye. You can even choose the scent!

They then ship them to you in bottles that have your name on it in the mail and you can even start a subscription so they can mail you shampoo and conditioner before you even run out.

While some may say that customizable beauty products are extravagant and unnecessary I can honestly say that I have felt a difference in my hair. My hair has never been this soft before and it just feels cleaner and less oily. While I cannot attest for every personalized beauty product out there I can honestly say that Function of Beauty's hair products actually works.

I will no longer be roaming the aisles of CVS comparing shampoos and conditioners and feeling dissatisfied when I see no difference in my hair.

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