The Aftermath of Wearing a Makeup Everyday to Rarely
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The Aftermath Of Going From Wearing A Full-Glam Face Every Day To Barely Even Bothering To Use Mascara

I'm the girl who once dedicated every single morning to an intricate makeup routine and now I wear a minimum of some concealer and mascara every day


There's a distinct difference between what would have been considered your everyday high school morning routine and what you now have adapted in college, that is if you've locked in any sort of pattern at all. It's hard to set up an everyday process that you follow in college seeing as each day can vary from activity to activity and the time at which you'll be falling asleep is constantly changing- that is, if you end up falling asleep at all (all-nighter, anyone?).

It's different in high school. Every day you wake up at relatively the same time, make it to the bus stop in just enough time to catch a lift to school or wake up early enough to drive yourself, and then it turns into a never-ending cycle that clings with you for the duration of the year. Now, for people who are more comfortable setting routines like me, this was a perfect structure of events that made your life just oh, so much easier .

I adopted a preferred routine in high school that stuck with me for roughly three years. I would always, and I mean always as in at least four of the five days in the school week, get up early enough to do a full face of makeup and maybe straighten or touch up my hair. I didn't like "bumming it" to school, and I rarely ever did. You'd know that I was having a tough time if I came to school looking like I just rolled out of bed.

I enjoyed waking up with a generous amount of extra time to do my makeup. It was like my thing. All the way from my blended eyeshadow to my sparkly highlighter brushed on my cheeks, I loved the feeling of looking my best when I showed up to school.

It sounds stupid. Like, who would want to wake up earlier than necessary JUST to paint on a full face of makeup? Wow, that just seems way too extra to the majority of people, and the thing is, it kind of was (if I'm being honest).

Coming to school every day with a face full of makeup, my hair was all done up, and a cute outfit on was the epitome of a high school girl wanting to impress people. I, admittedly, was one of those girls.

However, now that I've gotten to college neither of those things is on my list of top priorities. I don't wake up exceptionally early anymore to just do my makeup and hair, but instead, I enjoy the spare time I have and sleep in which is definitely a worthwhile decision. Just like just about every other girl in college, I wake up with enough time to run through a quick, effortless morning routine and then I'm out the door either with coffee in hand or am on the way to Starbucks to grab some.

I don't worry about whether or not I look "cute" on my way to class anymore like in high school which is something I've had to adapt to along with any other girl who had the same tendencies in high school as me. I simply slip on a pair of leggings, probably some that I've bought from TJ Maxx, and a comfy sweatshirt or long sleeve T-shirt that fits the stereotypical every day "college girl look".

I barely even bother to leave myself extra time to merely do base makeup (concealer, maybe fill in eyebrows, and throw on a little bit of mascara) unless I absolutely need it to cover up a blemish or if I look just a little too exhausted that morning.

In a way, this was a good thing for me to adapt to. It taught me that I don't always need to be looking my best and that maybe wearing a full face of makeup every day wasn't what I needed to be focusing on. And now, when I actually do my makeup to the extent that I used to, it's almost more enjoyable since I'm no longer doing the same exact look every day.

Learning that I don't absolutely need to be committed to wearing makeup that resembles what a typical girl might wear on her "going out" night was a lesson well heard. Going for a more natural look and even wearing no makeup at all has allotted me more time to sleep in each morning. I'm even saving money since I'm not running through products so quickly anymore which is a must in college.

Honestly, don't get me wrong, there is hardly anything I regret about actually wearing a full face of makeup to classes in high school. I enjoyed it while the time lasted and it gave me a solidified routine to stick to in the mornings.

However, this new morning routine that I've adopted in college without stressing over makeup has definitely made me realize I shouldn't feel like I have to look a certain way on the days I wake up and trudge my way to class.

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