Sorry Ladies, But Fuckboys Aren't Fuckboys Until You Fuck Them
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Sorry Ladies, But Fuckboys Aren't Fuckboys Until You Fuck Them

They get the name for a reason--you made the decision to sleep with him.

Sorry Ladies, But Fuckboys Aren't Fuckboys Until You Fuck Them
Jonas Svidras

There's no escape. They reel us in with their smiles and charm us with their good looks. One by one, we become their victims. F***boys. They're everywhere.

But, are they really the root of all our problems?

I know, I know, you probably think I'm crazy. Before you question who's side I'm on, let me explain myself. First of all, I'm not endorsing this type of behavior. I'm just trying to solve this moral dilemma you've probably faced at some point during your life. So, let's get to the bottom of this together.

It all began with this romanticized idea of the "Bad Boy". You know, the tall, handsome stranger who sweeps you off your feet. Soon you realize he has a dark past and you strive to change his ways. Eventually, the two of you drive off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

It's time for a wake-up call. Real life is much different than the movies.

This idea of the "Bad Boy" blossomed into the 21st-century "F**kboy." Both of these ideas share a similar concept: the toxic attraction between a good girl and a complicated bad boy.

Let's look at the typical college hookup. Girl meets boy; boy invites girl over and you can guess what happens next. Throughout the evening, they share a few drinks during the infamous "Netflix and Chill" session, or maybe they get straight to business.

If she's sober enough to drive, the evening ends with a series of awkward goodbyes. Or even worse, she's too drunk and she sleeps over. Another chance for him to strike. As they part ways, he says, "I had a great time. Let's do this again soon." And that's the last time she hears from him.

When she finally realizes what's happened, time passes. Days go by. Weeks. Months. She still hasn't heard from him. She nervously questions whether she should break the silence and send him a message. Perhaps see how he's doing or ask how his day was.

She cracks under the pressure and he replies back in what seems like forever. She's relieved to know that he remembers her, but is crushed to find out he just wants to be "friends."

It's at that moment that she writes him off as a "F**kboy." After a long cry session, she tells her friends about their encounter. Shortly after, she tries to convince herself that she's over him. But really, she's staying at home thinking about all the things she could have done differently.

Sound familiar? If this has happened to you before, you eventually reach the point where you ask yourself, "How could I be so stupid?"

Let's rewind. All of the warning signs were there. You knew where this was going. Clearly, he's not your boyfriend.

At the end of the day, it's easier to put the blame on him, rather than yourself. Maybe it was his deep voice, his beautiful eyes, or the way he looked at you. Or maybe you simply lost control in the moment.

Don't dwell on the past. Mistakes happen. But, it wasn't just a mistake made by one person. Be accountable for your actions.

Ladies, take "F**kboys" for what they are--a chance to let loose and escape reality. Let's face it, no matter hard you try, you can't change their ways. On the up-side, they'll make you appreciate a true gentleman even more.

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