Concerts, something I look forward to attending every year. Each year I normally attend 3 to 4 concerts. They are a happy place not just for myself but for many people in our generation today. Music defines our lives, we live for it and breath for it. It makes gloomy days turn into brighter ones and boring nights turn into amazing nights. There is not a second that goes by that I am not listening to music or singing to a song that is stuck in my head. Music holds a deeper meaning for all of us and attending a concert should be safe, fun, enjoyable, happy and adventurous. Because music means so much, I will not let The Manchester Terror ruin concerts for me.

On May 22, 2017, Manchester was shaken up when Ariana Grande's concert turned into a tragic night. The many families and children who attended this show left with fear when they should have left with enjoyment and happiness. Concerts are supposed to be safe and now we are supposed to fear what we all love so much?

I will not let this coward act ruin something I love so much. I stand with the many people who have gone to a concert in the last week and I recognize the courage Manchester faced on June 4, 2017, as they united together for a benefit concert put on by Ariana Grande. These acts of love and unity show how much we as one can not be brought down. It is important to stick together in tough times and even throughout the good times because together we can conquer anything.

Ariana Grande showed the world how selfless she is and how much it meant for her to be able to give back. Many children, teens, and parents lost their lives or loved ones. Ariana stayed strong for herself and for everyone hurting during this hard time in Manchester. Her dedication to music and her fans has inspired not only me but many around the world as well.

While I have found my inspiration within music and artists, I will not let fear win and I will not let them take something of value away from me. I will stand up at a concert and enjoy myself. I will buy endless amounts of tickets because it means something to me. To anyone out there who is afraid and terrified to step foot in an arena, I just want you to know that you are probably not alone. But I want you to know, fear should not win and you are stronger than that. Do not let them take away something of value in your life.

We all have a choice and that choice is to give into the hate or to not. There is so much to fear in our world today and the list just keeps getting bigger.

But we can not let them win. Stay strong.