I will be single this valentines day, and you know I'm actually really happy because that means I will get to spend the day with the people I love the most, my best friends.

1. Get dressed up and go on a fancy dinner

girls fancy

Getting dressed up and going out to dinner with friends is so much more fun then going out with a date. Dates can be awkward, but with a large group of friends it will be nothing but fun.

2. Get manicures and pedicures!

Nails on point

Go get pampered and feel nice about yourself! Getting a manicure or pedicure will make you feel more confident and will make you feel like you are getting treated like royalty.

3. Go out on a friends movie date

Scooby doo

There are a ton of good movies that come out around Valentine's Day, but who said you have to go see them with a significant other? Get your friends together and go watch all the great new movies out.

4. Have a dance party

Greys anatomy

Dance it out, it will be tons of fun and honestly there will probably be tons of laughing.

5. Drink wine together

girls night wine

Who doesn't love drinking wine, especially when it is a day to celebrate what you love. Wine with friends is a time you are sure to have a lot of fun.

6. Have a photo shoot and act like super models

photo shoot

Having a photo shoot will boost your self confidence and give you tons of cute photos to post when everyone is posting all their couple pictures.

7. Make fun of chick flicks together

Watching movies laughing

Chick flicks usually are super sappy and very predictable. Sitting around with friends while eating good food and making fun of them is definitely a good time when you are single.

8. Just hang out and have a great time while saving tons of money

Saving money

Just remember by hanging out with your friends you are saving tons of money on Valentine's Day gifts, expensive dinners for two, and a ton more. Appreciate how much fun it is being single.