You Can't Call Yourself A 'Friends' Fan If You Don't Understand These 7 Iconic References

You Can't Call Yourself A 'Friends' Fan If You Don't Understand These 7 Iconic References

I'll be there for you ... only if you love 'Friends.'

Sitcoms have lead the TV world for years. Among the iconic ones are Seinfeld, Cheers, Two and a Half Men, and none other than Friends. Of course, now there are new ones like Black-ish and of course the Big Bang Theory; however, the iconic ones will never be forgotten.

For me Friends is my most favorite sitcom there is; my family and I quote it while playing cards; and my friends and I try to see who is the Rachel, Monica, Ross, Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe of the group.

1. We were on a break.

We were on a break are probably the most famous words ever spoken by Ross Geller. If you have seen this episode once you have seen it a hundred times. Even if you are not a Friends fanatic you have still probably seen this episode because it is ICONIC. Also this phrase has given every guy on the planet an out when he and his girlfriend were on a break and he did something he should not have.


Again a famous word spoken by non other than Ross Geller. He is hilarious and always wants things done perfectly, but after hearing it about after the fifth time Chandler has had enough. Chandler screams shut up. We can all relate to this because we all have that friend that we would yell shut up at.

3. Smelly cat what are they feeding you.

Come on everyone sing-a-long now. Just looking at the phrase makes me wish I was sitting with Phoebe Buffay in Central Perk with the rest of the gang. I think this song is known by everyone whether you're a Friend lover or hater.

4. How you doing?

*said in Joey Tribbiani voice*. These three words and he had any girl he wanted. Heck, he had any girl he wanted that was not only in the show but that was watching the show. Joey or Dr. Drake Ramoray it didn't matter who he said it to you were hooked. Well even now watching re-runs people are still hooked.

5. Chandler's lame jokes.

Bless his heart he tried. We all laughed out of sympathy. Some were so corny that they hurt the viewers and I'm sure they hurt the actors as well. Again bless his heart but at least he tried and someone had to.

6. Rachel's hair.

Every girl, woman, and grandma in the 90's wanted this hair style. I even went through the Rachel hair phase. Whether you wanted the cut she had or the style she had we all wanted it. Even now we want the Rachel hair because Jennifer Aniston is about as close as it gets to being perfect.

7. This number has enough significance.

*insert Monica Geller voice*. This scene is maybe just as iconic as the "We were on a break scene." However, we all know because of this scene we can't say seven in a normal way or just one time. We all have Monica Geller to thank for that.

Friends was one of the top sitcoms from 1994-2004. The span of ten years these six people invaded our homes and even now thanks to Netflix and Nick at Nite they still do. I love Friends and any Friends fanatics out there always remember to find your inner Phoebe Buffay and be a little weird. Also I'll be there for you!

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