As an avid Friends fan, I feel like I've been coming up with my own names for episodes over the years.

Between the inside jokes and countless references, it's hard to keep up with actual titles! Here's a list of 'alternative' titles I've created... do you have some of your own?

1. “The One Where Ross Is Fine”

Mine: “The One With All The Margaritas”

2. “The One With The Birth Mother”

Mine: The One Where Joey Doesn’t Share Food”

3. “The One With All The Rugby”

Mine: “The One Where Chandler Goes To Yemen”

4. "The One With The Proposal"

Mine: "The One Where Joey 'Wins' A Boat"

5. "The One With Joey's Fridge"

Mine: "The One Where Elizabeth Goes On College Spring Break Without 32-Year-Old Ross"

6. "The One After I Do"

Mine: "The One Where Rachel Is Pregnant But Chandler Think It's Monica (At Their Wedding Reception)"