Midterm Week As Shown By Friends

6 Feelings During Midterm Week As Described By Each Of The 'Friends'

Let's make talking about midterm week better by incorporating the cast of "Friends."


Everyone has experienced the infamous 'midterm week' that can suck the life out of you. It's almost impossible to get through the week without going crazy from lack of sleep, crying a lot, or giving up completely. In college, professors seem to think their class is the most important and therefore assign tons of work, which adds up to a ridiculous amount of time spent studying. It's easily one of THE MOST overwhelming times during college, up there next to finals and job interviews. Midterm week is full of ups and downs and an entire roller coaster of emotions.

1. When you realize you have two cumulative exams, a research paper, group project, regular homework, and extracurriculars to top it all off


Perhaps this feeling isn't specific to midterm week, but I can say from personal experience that, trust me, it does feel like the world is against me when dealing with midterm exams and homework and projects.

2. Looking through your notes trying to make it make sense in your head, and that is the exact opposite of what is happening


There's nothing worse than looking back on your notes from the first week of school and having to reteach yourself all the material. How am I supposed to remember eight weeks worth of notes for one test? I'm so confused.

3. Being sleep-deprived beyond belief and likely looking like a walking zombie


Ah yes, that fantastic feeling of not knowing if you're asleep or not. That's when you have to tell people, "Hey, I got four hours of sleep last night, and I'm really not sure if I'm processing anything correctly, so I apologize for looking like I'm barely alive."

4. Studying with a study buddy who seems to actually know what they're talking about and you can't follow a single thing they're trying to explain


"HOW ON EARTH do you get this material!?" It's almost as if they're speaking in gibberish. If you weren't freaking out about exams yet, you definitely are now.

5. Trying to find the motivation to care about your grades enough to keep studying


The worst parts are the nights before the test, and you have to convince yourself to just study a little bit more to make yourself feel better. But it's really damn difficult. This is the point when you consider giving up all together and just accepting your failure, but you end up (somehow) finding that last bit of motivation. Thank God.



THEY'RE OVER! There truly is nothing quite like the feeling of finishing all your exams, handing in all your projects, and finally being able to breathe... until next week, when the loads of schoolwork are going to pile up again. Take advantage of the short break while it lasts.

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To The Teacher Who Was So Much More

Thank you for everything

I think it's fair to say that most people remember at least one teacher who had a lasting impact on them. I have been incredibly lucky to have several teachers who I will never forget, but one individual takes the cake. So here's to you: thank you for all you have done.

Thank you for teaching me lessons not just in the textbook.

Although you taught a great lecture, class was never just limited to the contents of the course. Debates and somewhat heated conversations would arise between classmates over politics and course material, and you always encouraged open discussion. You embraced the idea of always having an opinion, and always making it be heard, because why waste your voice? You taught me to fight for things I believed in, and to hold my ground in an argument. You taught me to always think of others before doing and speaking. You showed me the power of kindness. Thank you for all the important lessons that may not have been included in the curriculum.

Thank you for believing in me.

Especially in my senior year, you believed in me when other teachers didn't. You showed me just what I could accomplish with a positive and strong attitude. Your unwavering support kept me going, especially when I melted into a puddle of tears weekly in your office. You listened to my stupid complaints, understood my overwhelming stress-induced breakdowns, and told me it was going to be okay. Thank you for always being there for me.

Thank you for inspiring me.

You are the epitome of a role model. Not only are you intelligent and respected, but you have a heart of gold and emit beautiful light where ever you go. You showed me that service to others should not be looked at as a chore, but something to enjoy and find yourself in. And I have found myself in giving back to people, thanks to your spark. Thank you for showing me, and so many students, just how incredible one person can be.

Thank you for changing my life.

Without you, I truly would not be where I am today. As cliche as it sounds, you had such a remarkable impact on me and my outlook on life. Just about a year has passed since my graduation, and I'm grateful to still keep in touch. I hope you understand the impact you have made on me, and on so many other students. You are amazing, and I thank you for all you have done.

Cover Image Credit: Amy Aroune

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Writing Saved My Sanity

Write it all down when you can't talk to anyone.


I love writing.

I have since elementary school, and I've dreamed of becoming a published author. I started off writing stupid plays in elementary school, then it grew it almost writing a full-blown novel in middle school. I have no idea where that thing went to. It was all notebook paper and bad writing. In high school, my writing was kinda pushed to the side so I could focus on school. When I entered college, I started writing small poems about my now ex-boyfriend.

I was scared to express myself to him sometimes, the intensity of my feelings for him scared me. So instead of telling him, I wrote them down. When I tried to share them with him, he hated it. He thought writing down feelings was weird and creepy. So I didn't share anything else with him. When we finally broke up for good, everything just poured out of me. What I couldn't express verbally, I wrote or typed out.

I always have ideas flowing through my head. They never cease and I wouldn't want them to. Writing gives me an escape, from stress, work, school, or fights. It gives me a place to vent and to be open with everything. This is a reason I love writing for Odyssey, not only has this place brought me amazing friends but revived my love for writing. I'm never without my notebook anymore, I'd get distracted in class by an idea and have to write I think then and there.

I love sharing my more personal writing with close friends, especially my poems as of late. I found that I have a voice for young women who find themselves in a toxic relationship much like mine was. I want to speak out and show them that you can grow from the bullshit. It may take some time, but you will be better.

Writing saved my sanity. It allows me to express myself without having to use my actual voice. Anyone who knows me, knows I hate public speaking. I tend to psych myself out leading up to it. My current projects include writing for Odyssey every week, I'm in the process of trying to continue my short stories, and I'm excited to announce that I'm currently working on my very first poetry book!

Writing has given me so much, and I'm so looking forward to making a career out of something I love so much.

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