If You're the Friend Who ALWAYS Texts First, I Can Relate
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If You're the Friend Who ALWAYS Texts First, I Can Relate

It sucks. A LOT. But I discovered something I want to share with you.

If You're the Friend Who ALWAYS Texts First, I Can Relate

This article is in no way meant to be malicious or is meant to target anyone. This article is simply an expression of the recent frustrations I have been dealing with as of late. With that, here’s the truth…

I am an individual who invests a lot of time into her friendships and really values the time that I get with my friends. My friends mean the world to me and it is so difficult to imagine a world where they are not with me. However, recently I have been struggling because it seems that there are those who do not seem to care about investing time into the friendship we have, and that hurts me.

Often times, I am called into the position where people come to vent to me about their emotions and struggles, which I am so happy to do. However, often times I feel that this is not something that I can expect some of my friends to reciprocate, and that hurts.

For a while now, I have carried this heaviness in my heart as I had come to the conclusion that my friends simply do not care for me. They do not want me to be involved or invested in my life and, no matter how much I may have dropped hints that something is wrong, they did not want to understand or know what was wrong. I felt alone.

Social media definitely does not help. Seeing them go out with other people to places like the Grand Canyon, late night food runs, or simply even having a movie night in their apartments brought me so much heaviness as it pained me to know that not a thought was given to include me. It hurt.

This article is not meant to be a sad sob story to label my friends poorly and is not meant to generate pity for me because it is to bring a new understanding to something that I know I am not the only person feeling.

I am hurting and upset. I feel abandoned and replaced by new friends. However, I do not believe that this was done maliciously by my friends. If you are in the same boat, please hear what I have to say about this.

Have you ever heard someone say that there are seasons in life? Well, there definitely are. There are times where people will be caught in a season where they are not sure what to do with their life. (This is currently me and I am so numb to the question of “What are you going to be doing with your life after you graduate? I just respond with, “Anything and everything.” Anyways, that’s a different story).

There are seasons where you landed your dream job or are in a position where you feel like you can grow and excel, and sometimes, you’re in a season where you have lost a loved one or things just are not going your way. Those are hard seasons to be in. Regardless, they all play an important role in your life and that is this: they are teaching you and preparing you for something bigger.

I think I am coming to realize that is what’s going on with the people who I had once held so dear. We are transitioning into a new and different season and I am fighting the inevitable, we are going different ways after we graduate. Although this is difficult, and I really don’t want to let go of the people I love, I know that those who are meant to stay in my life will remain there and will and even now, have been making that effort.

It’s okay for things to change. People change all the time. Seasons come and go. Disappointment and pain is inevitable. However, there are those who, despite YOUR crazy, will be with you no matter what.

I have come to realize that I have those people in my life now and I know they love me and have showed me that in ways that we both can understand and reciprocate. So, if you are currently in the place where you feel abandoned, remember you’re not alone. Even if it’s one person, you are not alone!

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