Freshmen Forever?
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As the first year of college comes to a close for the class of 2017, the bittersweet reality that a fourth of our college career is already over begins to set in.

Naturally, we want to hold on to the past year when classes were fairly easy, free time was abundant, and we could play the “Sorry, I’m a freshman, I didn’t know” card to cover almost any mistake. Unfortunately, we can’t be freshmen forever, so we have to look ahead to the new and exciting things that come with being a sophomore.

First and foremost, we have our “soul sisters” and “best bros” already figured out. For most of us, a lot of our freshman year was spent trying to find friends. Some people find them in the first week, while others spend almost the entire year searching. Either way, by May it’s pretty obvious who we consider to be our “ride or dies.” So when sophomore year begins, we can look forward to picking things up where we left off. We won’t have to worry about who to go with to football games, mid-week concerts, and back-to-school pep rallies. We won’t have to question who to take on spontaneous road trips and late night Sonic runs. Best of all, we’ll get to share every moment of the year from start to finish with the people who know us inside and out. 

Along with already having a solid set of friends, we get to live with them, too. If you’re like me, your freshman year roommate experience was a roller coaster of ups and downs. I had two different roommates last year, but I didn't really click with either of them. I spent more time in my friends’ dorm rooms than I did in my own, and as a result, I never really felt like my room was my “home away from home.” This year is different, however. I’ll be living in my sorority’s house along with 47 of my sisters. Not only will we all be under the same roof, but most of my friends will be right next door to me. Even if you aren’t living with your sorority or fraternity, as a sophomore you still have the opportunity to live off campus in an apartment. Living somewhere other than a dorm means you don’t have to worry about strict RAs, quiet hours, and fire drills at all hours of the night. Many of my older friends have said some of their best memories came from sharing an apartment with one another or living on the same floor in the sorority house.    

For me, I think the most exciting aspect of being a sophomore is getting to be a leader on campus. Freshman year is all about figuring out what you want to be involved in, but sophomore year is about growing in your involvement. The most exciting part of growing my involvement in my sorority is getting a little sis'. As a freshman, my big sis' was someone I could lean on for advice and help anytime I needed it. Now, it is my turn to give that to a freshman, and I couldn’t be more ready. Of course getting a little isn't the only way to be a leader as a sophomore. Many of us will have a chance to lead in religious groups, student associations, honor societies, and even on the executive council for our Greek affiliation.

So yes, it’s still okay to miss freshman year; everyone has some memories they wish they could relive for a day. Just don’t forget to look ahead to sophomore year and prepare yourself for what’s to come. Sophomore year is sure to be filled with plenty of amazing moments that will leave you wishing it could go on forever. 

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