32 Times 'Grownish' Explained Your Freshman Year Of College

For most of us, freshman year of college is kind of a blur. Maybe it's because of all the partying, but more than likely it's because of all of those cringeworthy moments you have purposefully blocked out of your memory.

1. Constructing the perfect first-impression outfit.

What does your jacket say about you?

2. Those first day jitters.

Whether it was move-in day at the dorms or your first day of orientation, starting your college career was reasonable cause for you to be nervous AF.

3. Attempting to sign up for your first semester of classes.

Planning and time management is no eighteen year old's strong suit.

4. The expectations of your first night out.

You're finally out on your own and the world is your oyster.

5. And the realities of your first college party.

Alcohol is a hell of a drug.

6. Those worried phone calls from your parents.

Even though you know you miss them equally as hard.

7. Bonding with all of your new friends.

You're all looking for a support system, so end up forming your own.

8. When you meet your first--of many, new crushes.

Don't worry, you'll forget who they are by your second semester.

9. And things escalate quite quickly.

But you've got it under control.

10. ...And learn that you've got some competition.

But winners don't quit, right?

11. Playing the field for the first time.

But that too quickly blows up in your face.

12. The first time your parents and/or family come to visit.

Communication was never a strong suit as a teenager.

13. Getting creative with your income.

You can't buy ramen and coffee with zero dollars in your bank account.

14. What getting ready in the morning looks like by midterms.

No one ever said you were perfect.

15. When you ask your squad for advice on your "love" life.

Let's be real, this is a hook-up culture.

16. When your friends tell you what you did the night before when you were drunk.

Delete your socials...and burn your social security card.

17. Roommate dynamics.

Don't worry, most people get less passive aggressive with age...I think?

18. Your newfound post-one-night-stand confidence.

Stay cool.

19. Forming your own beliefs and politics outside of your families'.

Welcome to the real world.

20. The various mental breakdowns.

It's actually quite normal to feel lost in life, let alone your first year of college.

21. The ugly break-ups.

They are very messy with all that bottled up angst.

22. When someone else questions your major/general life plans.

And you do yourself the disservice of doubting yourself too.

23. When the flu goes around campus.

College dorms are germ infested swamps.

24. Trying to get into bars while underage.

You don't quite have the funds for a legit fake I.D. yet.

25. When you haven't left your dorm for days and your friends try to drag you into the sunlight.

Don't worry, your bed will still be there when you get back.

26. Learning new languages.

I mean, you're a college student now, so you're ~cultured.~

27. Developing new study skills.

On a serious note, "study drugs" are no joke and there is help out there, you just need to seek it out.

28. The beginning of questioning society and culture.

Questioning does not change reality, but it does illuminate it.

29. Taking your first semester of final exams.

Close your eyes, circle things and never look back.

30. Learning how to be humble.

Confidence is important too.

31. Making friends outside of your major.

We still all can always find things in common.

32. Realizing that it takes a village.

Getting through college is not easy by any means, but it does go a whole lot easier when you are surrounded by people who challenge and lift you up.

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