What I Wish I Knew Before College

A Letter to My College Freshman Self

Not only is this a letter for myself of what I wish I knew before my freshman year of college, but also for those who are starting their journey onto college.


Dear freshman me,

You're probably nervous starting a whole new journey in a new school, but that's what makes the adventure even more exciting. Everyone in your same shoes has the excitement/nervous feeling for their first year of college, trust me you are not the only one. Mostly because they want to live up to the cliche saying, "that these will be the best four years of your life," and they are not wrong. Meeting new people with so many unique backgrounds and making new friends that will last a lifetime is not even a fraction of what your college years have in store for you. Don't be worried about trying to make friends or not knowing many people coming into college because through anything you choose to do you will find your people.

The least of your worries should be finding your classes or about how hard they're going to be. Really they aren't as hard as you might think and you can always retake the class ok. Everyone on campus is trying to help you succeed no matter what type of help it might be. You will always have a support system to guide you through whatever decision you make.

I know your not too excited about sharing a room with three other roommates you've never met before, but keep an open mind. You'll find people you'll click with and you'll find the people you don't it's just the way college and life in general works. Make sure you don't change for anyone and to be your true self, so you can find those people that make you the best version of yourself.

I know you're most nervous about joining a sorority, but it was the best decision I have ever made. If you're questioning joining a sorority, joining a certain club or anything it might be just go for it, you'll never know until you try it. That is one thing about college take chances, don't be fearful of anything, even if you thought you would never do it, just give it a chance. College is about experimenting and looking for the things you love most in life, you don't want to regret anything you wish you would have done.

Overall, your going to be fine. College is a crazy journey but you just have to stay on for the ride. It will only get better, soak it all in and don't take any of it for granted. These are the best years of your life so make them count.



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