I remember being beyond excited for my freshman year. All my hard work in high school had finally paid off and I was ready to begin a new chapter of my life. From decorating my dorm room to taking classes I was actually interested in, I was ready for a new adventure.

However, as my first semester went on, I began to realize that college wasn't exactly how I pictured it to be. I was incredibly overwhelmed by my classes and I was frustrated at the way things were unfolding. I found myself wishing I was back in high school, and most importantly I longed for familiarity.

Looking back the summer after my freshman year, I realized everything I experienced was essential to my growth as a person. Throughout the year I learned so much about myself and about life in general. These are the 7 things I wish I knew freshman year.

1. You can't study the same way you did in high school


In high school, you probably could get away with studying the night before and acing the test. However, college is a totally different ballgame. In order to be successful, you're gonna have to start studying early and consistently.

You might find that your previous studying strategies might not work as well in college classes. Studying in college requires lots of trial and error.

It's important to keep trying different studying strategies and utilizing academic resources until you find something that works for you.

2. You might not get Straight A's and that's okay!!!


I remember being stunned after getting my first B freshman year after being a straight-A student all throughout high school. At first, I felt defeated because I thought my worth as a student was defined by my grades.

I realized as the year went on that you can't compare grading in high school to grading in college. Don't beat yourself up over grades freshman year.

Remember, college is all about trying your best and exploring your interests!

3. Your first friends may not be your closet friends 


During my first few weeks of the semester, I got to know a lot of people in my dorm. As the semester went on, we suddenly started talking less and less.

At first, I took this personally, but I realized that everyone is trying to navigate their way through freshman year. Plus it's hard to build a friendship if the only thing you share in common is your living space.

I met my closet friends through my classes and getting involved on campus. Don't give up, your people are out there!

4. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there 


Freshman year is a new chapter in your life and opportunities are everywhere, so don't be afraid to try something new.

Don't be afraid to join that club, try something out of your comfort zone, and talk to new people because you have nothing to lose. The sky is your limit!

5. Take care of yourself (seriously)!


It's easy to forget about self-care when you get to college. You're so busy with classes and still wanna be social that pulling all-nighters and having a poor diet becomes the norm.

Be sure to establish a good life/work balance so you can actually sleep and eat well. Try using a planner to plan your entire day instead of just keeping track of assignments. If you carve time out for everything you need to accomplish, you're more likely to stick to your schedule.

Remember, college is no fun if you're constantly sick and tired!

6. People are gonna come and go a lot 


During this time you may notice that some people become distant. Whether you're starting to grow apart from your childhood friends, or someone you thought you had a connection with suddenly loses interest, know that you are not alone in this situation.

Everyone is trying to figure out who they are and what they want during this time. Sometimes this results in people ending relationships and friendships.

While you may feel dejected, try to stay open to new possibilities. You never know who you might end up becoming close to. That random girl from your class could end up becoming your BFF.

So while people do often leave your life during this time, remember that you're going to meet so many other amazing people!

7. Enjoy freshman year


Freshman year is gonna be the easiest academically. Professors are usually more lenient and you won't have as many commitments as you would if you were an upperclassman.

So take advantage of the freedom and the minimal amount of responsibilities you have freshman year. This is the time to explore new interests and meet new people. So take every opportunity you're given and keep looking ahead.

When freshman year ends, I hope you look back knowing you owned every minute of it.