The topic that has caused uncomfortable family dinners, uproar in social media feeds and created those awkward debates in class where that angry feminist won't stop "fighting the power" about something. Today, I am that angry feminist.

Breast feeding. There, I said it, run, hide your kids, your husband and all who are offended. As a woman shouldn't we be arm in arm supporting one another? Instead, we berate those who are feeding their children and applaud those who walk down a Victoria Secret fashion show.

What makes this picture OK?

(For all we know, she could be pondering, "Why is it OK to put my breasts on display unless I'm feeding my child?")

Why is this picture not OK?

Let me ask you the following questions?

1. Are you forced to eat under a blanket without room to breathe?

2. If your favorite food is pizza and you are told pizza is disgusting and you should only eat in secret, how would that make you feel?

3. What if you are so hungry and there's food right in front of you; however, society wants you to starve until you can find a public restroom or clandestine location to properly feed?

Welcome to being the baby.

Let's focus on the victims of the terrible comments for a moment though.

Moms. Moms are awesome, they love you, they fed you. And guess what! A good majority of you were probably breast fed. Would you tell your mom the disgusting things said in this video?

Take a moment to let that sink in. The mom was told "that's disgusting, I don't appreciate your tit being out like that." He then argued how it was OK for the other woman's cleavage to be out because it's "sexy."

Last time I checked, mom's don't load their breasts with milk, it's naturally there. Why? Probably, because boobs being sexual "objects" is a socialized construct, not how nature intended.

Also, fun fact, breast feeding HURTS! People are putting down women who are feeding their babies while they are in pain. That is an act of love, not a peep show.

Let's take a moment to appreciate the clap back Alyssa Milano has for Wendy Williams:

I think Alyssa sums it up best. I guess it takes a "charmed" one to truly enlighten us. Stop making women apologize because no woman should have to say sorry because their "baby bottle" is flesh colored.

Thank your mom today for being alive and re-evaluate your thoughts the next time you want to shame a mother for feeding her child. Accept boobs, respect the woman and love life.

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