We have all seen at least one movie that involved a college party, Greek life, or the story about that one frat guy, it's okay to admit it, But, in almost every movie they make frat guys seem like complete tools - and I do not mean the ones found out in the shed. I will never understand the negativity that is portrayed in these movies because most frat guys are not like this, and in fact will be removed from the fraternity if they are seen partaking in similar actions that the movie stars do.

Most of these movies have a frat guy being exposed for putting drugs in a drink, forcing sex upon another person, or simply acting out in class because they feel superior to their peers. I am sorry, what? I am very interactive with a lot of frat guys in the fraternities at West Georgia and other colleges, and I thoroughly enjoy each individual I encounter. For the most part, I have met some amazing people that are in frats and I trust them to be there for me when I need them. While I do not see what happens at every event, hosted at a frat house, I do know that the stereotypes are causing girls and guys to be wary about being involved with them. I am wary of other drivers on the road, due to the fact that they can kill me with their motor vehicle, but yet I continue to drive. Just because there is a fake image being shown on networks, that does not mean all of the frats are out to get you.

Also, why are frat guys viewed as being dumb? Yeah, they are not - fyi. The film industry is really doing you guys wrong. Hello, they are in college, so obviously they have to have met the educational requirements to be accepted. The mind is blown, right? - not really. These guys are actually really smart and you can learn a lot from each one because they are all in different majors, so you are able to learn so much in a single conversation - yes you can speak to a frat guy without having a beer in your hand and fearing it being drugged.

Lastly, they are very nice people and fun to be around. One individual bought me a waffle and literally cut it up for me because I was not capable of functioning at the time, another one offered me a place to stay because I was leaving the house so late, and I have been offered clothes because mine was ruined. Wow, they sound like monsters, right? Of course not.

Frats are negatively stereotyped and I personally blame it on the media. Just because of what you see on television or Netflix, that does not mean that is how things truly are in reality. If you get the chance to attend a fraternity event, you should! Live the true college experience and mingle with the frat guys, 10/10 recommend.