Just in time for the Fourth, prepare your feed with these captions.

1. ‘Party like it’s 1776’

2. ‘Young, Wild, & Free’

3. ‘Red, White, & Boozy’

4. ‘I’m just here for the fireworks’

5. ‘We the people want to party’

6. ‘Bomb pops and tequila shots’

7. ‘Fireworks & beer that’s why I’m here’

8. ‘Star spangled hammer’

9. ‘United we stand, intoxicated we fall’ 

10. ‘Fireball and Fireworks’

11. ‘I like my coffee black and my tea in the harbor’

12. ‘Too cool for British rule’

13. ‘Benjamin Drinkin’

14. ‘Sippin’ on Libertea’

15. ‘I’m just living out the American dream.’

16. ‘Drunk on freedom’

17. ‘Four score and seven beers ago’

18. ‘My favorite F word is Freedom’

19. ‘alexa, play firework by katy perry’

20. ‘We’re the kids in America’