2020 Wrap Up: 4 of The Most Underrated Songs From 2020 Albums
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2020 Wrap Up: 4 of The Most Underrated Songs From 2020 Albums

Some songs I feel should've been played louder, longer, and overall more.

2020 Wrap Up: 4 of The Most Underrated Songs From 2020 Albums

Here are four of the most underrated songs from albums released in 2020, IMO.

1. "Best Years" by 5 Seconds of Summer

I don't think this album got enough attention, but this song is a song I'm shocked didn't' make it on the radio more. It is such a cute love song that describes the life they could have with someone. The song acknowledges how they've messed up this relationship in the past, but also explains how they've grown and are ready to give this person the best years of their lives.

2. "Coney​ Island" by Taylor Swift ft. The National

This song is so beautifully written. It has lyrics that give you such a reminiscent visual that is almost dream-like. You really get to see inside Taylor's mind and how she feels about each of her past relationships. I think her recent re-recordings of her previous music stirred up some old memories and feelings of past relationships. This song very delicately walks through how relationships change, how the thoughts flow through your head, and how people grow and change. It is very well written with a lot of very beautiful imagery, in true Taylor fashion.

3. "Sleep While I Drive" by Quinn XCII ft. Ashe

Quinn has such a distinct voice that I love so much. The type of voice that could sing about anything and I would still listen. This is an upbeat song that is both fun, but so sweet. The song explains a relationship with two people who understand each other's anxieties and supports the other through it all. They can lean on each other and I think that is such a cute way of explaining how relationships should work.

4. "I WISH" by The Kid LAROI

This guy blew UP this year. With the help from his affiliation with the late Juice WRLD and his very similar music style to the late artist, there was no shock that people love him so much. A lot of his songs off the "F*CK LOVE" album got a lot of attention on social media platforms, specifically TikTok. This song, in particular, is a song I don't think got enough attention. It is a really relatable song with really real lyrics. The song describes all the things he wishes he could say and do in order to make people around him, and himself, feel better. He is battling inner demons that aren't easily communicable. I think this is a thing that a lot of people deal with and therefore should've been hyped up more.

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