Many people believe it is our one goal in life to find someone who is supposed to be our forever person; our soulmate if you will. And for some people, their soulmate turns out to be a romantic partner. That is not the case for me. Why and how can I think that? Well, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a soulmate is “a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament”. In my case, that person has always been and always will be my little sister. Not only do we complement each other in almost every way, we also tend to be the other half we didn’t really know we needed till I left for the great, white North. When I’m away from her, it’s like I’ve lost a piece of me that I desperately need to have inside my chest. There are words I cannot form that are usually filled by her helpful mind, my sounds mean language in her mind, and she does the things I need to live my life as an extrovert. And it’s all vise-versa.

Now this doesn’t mean we’ve always gotten along. We’ve had our Elsa/Anna moments as she stood outside my door wanting to play, as well as our moments of wanting to murder each other, which almost always seemed to happen as I happened to be washing the chief knife in the evenings after dinner. But even with me haggling her about her latest crush, and her strange and always random noises, she still picks up my calls almost every single time that phone rings. Our fights last normally no longer than 3 hours, and then we’re sitting on the couch together watching the Life of Tom videos on Youtube. My little sister, whom is anything but little, is my true soulmate and I think that’s my greatest realization in the world. Thank you, Kiralyn, for being my greatest love.