I Found My Home In That College On The Hill

As I sit in the middle of the dinning hall, surrounded by friends that I feel like i’ve known for a lifetime all though I met them a few short weeks ago, I feel happy. As I walk to class with the sun shining down and strangers smiling, I feel happy. As I go into town, sit down at my new favorite ice cream shop and watch the people pass me by all laughing and sharing stories, I feel happy.

When I chose Denison, I was nervous. I didn’t know if choosing the school where I knew no one, the school that was miles and even states away from where I grew up, was really right for me. I didn’t know if that college on the hill was a place I could truly call my home for the next four years, but I am so happy to say I was wrong.

Choosing where to spend the next four years of your life is intimidating. There are so many options, so many schools and so many people telling you where to look and where to apply. Through the whole college search process my biggest fear was overlooking the school that was “the perfect fit” for me. With so many different places out there, I was never really certain I had found the right one.

When I came to visit Denison, I had that feeling. The feeling that no one can really describe but always say you’ll feel when you find the place for you. I could picture myself doing homework under the trees in A quad. I could see me walking to class and joking around with the students. I could imagine being apart of the Denison family.

Now with almost a week at Denison under my belt, I already feel a sense of comfort. I am actually doing all of the things I pictured when I came here on my tour and I have never been happier. I have found my place, I have found my home in that college on the hill.

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