The Formation World Tour Had My Mouth Drop Numerous Times
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The Formation World Tour Had My Mouth Drop Numerous Times

And I go to a lot of concerts.

The Formation World Tour Had My Mouth Drop Numerous Times

It was finally the time I thought I would never get the chance to do. It was time to see the queen, Beyoncé. I go to many concerts and Beyonce is an artist that I have always wanted to go see and it was finally happening. The Formation World Tour in Tampa was her second stop on the tour and I had no idea quite what to expect. I had creeped social media the night of her first show to see what I can expect, but nothing prepared me for what I was about to see. The concert was extremely visual, just like "Lemonade," and my mind was blown. Let me just do a quick recap of all the elements that were brought out for this concert.

The Screen

Now most artists of course have a few screens on stage and above it so everyone can see the performers better, but Beyoncé needed more. The screen on stage was massive, and that word does no justice for it. It was by far the most intense screen I had ever seen, not to mention that she also had two smaller screens beside it. The concert started and the screen rotated a full 360 degrees. Like okay Bey. Just take a look to how large the screen is compared to her on stage.


Queen Bey threw me a curveball when legit fireballs came out of the stage from above. This was a definite moment when my mouth dropped because I honestly wasn’t expecting it, but I mean it’s Beyoncé so why wouldn’t she light the sky up with flames. Also, the fire was used for “Run The World (Girls)” which fit perfectly.


Just when you thought Bey couldn’t think of anything else she brings out the big guns. And by guns I mean water. Beyoncé's stage filled up with a pool of water and Bey and her backup dancers marched to it. I couldn’t describe it more than when a fan behind me said. “Oh Bey is about to baptize someone.” And she basically did. Beyonce belted “Freedom” and her dancers danced through the water and baptized at least the rows around them. Beyonce also threw in “Survivor” where I literally lost everything. Watching it was incredible.


Beyonce delivered once more when all of a sudden confetti literally rained throughout the stadium once “Party” started. The moment was beyond fitting and made the song that much more enjoyable to embrace. Did I try to catch confetti for a personal memento? Of course I did.


Beyonce couldn’t end a show without fireworks. Fireworks shot off while she sang “Halo” beautifully. The ending of the concert was the most magical moment because it all fit together so well. Beyonce knew how to create a visual tour and she delivered nothing but the best. If you don’t have tickets, I would find some immediately.

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