Fordham students have all heard by now that Soulja Boy has been dropped as Fordham's headliner for Spring Weekend. The announcement came following a few weeks of arrest rumors and general gossip among the student body stemming from media leaks of charges brought against the rapper by a woman who claims he held her hostage.

The news was met with a general consensus of disappointment from Fordham students who were anxious to find out who could possibly be replacing Soulja Boy so last-minute. CAB (Campus Activities Board) surprised us all with a quick announcement of the entertainer who would be stepping in: Bryce Vine.

Bryce who? Vine what? I woke up from a nap to texts from at least five different friends all along the lines of: "WTF is this??" If you, too, were disappointed in the choice of replacement, you are in good company.

Most of my friends didn't recognize the name immediately. Even after a quick Google search told us that he was the artist behind the pop-hit "Drew Barrymore," we still didn't know much else about him or his music.

I've been doing a little personal research (AKA listening to his singles) and honestly? I was pretty impressed. His songs are low-key bops and I'm not mad about getting to hear him live. Some of my friends and classmates are still upset, but I'm pretty pumped.

Bryce Vine seems like a pretty great artist, and he has a fan base that keeps growing. We're lucky to have any performer so last minute, much less someone who's already making waves in the music world. If nothing else, it's a chance to listen to new music and enjoy time with your friends.

I have to admit though, I'm still a little upset. I'd been practicing my Pretty Boy Swag in the shower for a solid month and a half. No matter how good Bryce Vine's performance is, it's still disappointing that I don't get to Crank Dat with the Soulja Boy.