For the one who pushes past her limit

This poem is for all the single moms out there who are doing the best they can. Life is tough but you keep strong, and for that thank you. You are strong and you can do this.

Day after day,

It all is the same,

Wake up,

Brush teeth,

Get dressed,

Take her babies to school,

Then go to work,

She hates it there,

But what else can she do,

She is a single mother,

With three children,

She needs her jobs,

The pay and hours are crap,

So is the environment,

But she has bills to pay,

And mouths to feed,

So she keeps going,

From her first job,

To the next,

Hour after hour,

Oh what she wouldn’t do,

For just a seconds rest,

Then she will go and pick her babies up,

And will listen to their tails of school,

Then the neighbors oldest will come over,

So she can sleep for just a little,

Before her night shift starts,

Then she will return in the middle of the night,

And kiss all three little foreheads,

And pay the neighbors oldest,

Even though she knows he’ll sneak it back to her,

Then she will take a fast shower,

And crash in her bed,

And sleep for a short while and wait,

For her day to start over again.

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