Poetry on Odyssey: For the Love of Me
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For the Love of Me

In the past couple of months, I have done a lot of self-reflection, in doing it I have made many changes in trying to find my true self. While doing this I have tried to figure out the mess of my love life, I still haven't truly figured out either so I decided to write a poem about it.

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I could sit here,

Picking petals off of flowers

Debating your love for me-

Until my hands go numb.

But it will always end in

"he loves me not."

I pick up the pieces and

Restart with the next-

I am met by the same fate,

The ending never changes,

But I do.

Like a chameleon,

My colors shift.

The glue between pieces becomes


A fresh coat of ebony mascara is

Painted on.

New crimson bricks are added

To the walls.

Recently polished armor

Covers the scars of

The past.

A new image of me is born.

A contemporary exterior is created,

With a familiar interior,

Lingering within the shadows.

Sometimes I dream of the past,

Of a previous me.

I try to remember who she was,

What did she love?

It's hard,

She feels distant and


I wonder when the day will come along

Where I will love me?

When I will look at my changes

As growth,

Instead of hiding.

The day when someone comes along,

With claims that they love me,

Will they love me or the most recent changes,

I've made to myself?

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