Dear Aleviyah,

Happy birthday! I can't believe that you're seven years old now! You are getting so old and tall and it's scary! It feels like yesterday you were having tummy time, and now you're a first grader. A long time ago when I was an only child, whenever I was asked what I wanted for Christmas or my birthday, I would tell them I wanted a sister.

I wanted a sister for a variety of reasons. Such as wanting to have a girl to play toys with all day everyday to just wanting someone to go through life with. After wanting and asking for a sister for many years, I finally got one! It was nice to get what I had been wanting forever.

I remember the first day I saw you. It was Thanksgiving and while everyone was excited about dinner, I was excited about meeting my sister. You were sleeping on mom's chest when I got into the room, but as soon as I saw your face, I instantly fell in love. When I held you, you felt so warm and you smelt so good. I wanted you to wake up from your nap so I could see your eyes, so you could see your sister for the first time.

Now seven years later, you are no longer that newborn baby I held on Thanksgiving. You're a sweet, intelligent, caring, and loving girl. You are such a kind person, and a great friend. I love the way you always find a way to help people in need. I know you'll go very far in life, and we'll always be here for you every step of the way. I love you so much.

Love Your Sister,