The Boy That Chose To Love Me.
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The Boy That Chose To Love Me.

But if I have to spend the rest of my life convincing you that you are enough, it will be more than a life well spent.

The Boy That Chose To Love Me.

I've never really believed in soulmates, besides you can make a home out of anyone if you try hard enough… But then I fell for you, and I fell fast, like glass falling out of a broken mirror. And yes that's not a very romantic simile, but it fits in with the frightening feeling I had when I let you into my life. I've tried to write about you so many times, and I've failed relentlessly. It's not because I can't find words for you, it's because I can't stop finding them. I could write endless stories about the fire you've lit inside of me, and possibly novels on just that smile I love so much.

I wasn't looking for you, and I think maybe that's why I found you when I did. You walked into my life not when I wanted you, but when I needed you. I was more than content with my way of life at the time, and then you showed up and forced open the curtains and let sunshine pour into my heart accompanied with a well needed breath of fresh air. You've opened me up, and made my heart so light, you've brought me back to life and I don't think any possible eternity with you is long enough for me to give you the thank you that you deserve.

Everything about you makes me wonder how I could ever deserve someone so pure in my life; I still don't know how I do. I know I'm not easy to handle, I know my flaws and the parts of me that make people turn their back on me but yet here you are, the boy that chose to love me. You are everything that I've ever wanted, and everything that I could ever want. You are the exclamation point at the end of the happiest sentence I could ever write and there's not a thing in this lifetime that could bring me to give that up, to give you up.

I told myself I wasn't going to fall in love with you, I convinced myself night after night that I was complete, That I had it all together, and then I looked into those eyes and god, I lost it. Those eyes, they get me every time. Those gentle green eyes that look a bit washed out because we both know you've cried more tears than you've deserved to.

Washed out but in a poetic way, like a child's watercolor painting with slightly too much water added, a graceful mistake.

Washed out but in a comforting way, like that old favorite sweater that's been through the cycle just a couple times too many. I think that's my favorite way to think of them because it explains how I feel about them in more ways than one, just like that old sweater I'll never get tired of the warmth and comfort those eyes provide me on the days that I need it most.

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Your eyes, although captivating, don't even come close to the way I feel about that smile of yours. Seeing you smile, and watching your face light up, it never fails to melt my heart every. single. time.

All of the cliche feelings come to life when expressing how happy it makes me, how your smile keeps me awake more than my morning coffee, a smile that I wouldn't doubt could end the most brutal wars.

You always talk about how I make you laugh more than anyone you've ever met, but it's only because I can never get enough of that smile. And accompanied by that laugh? Gosh, I don't think there's anything that can compete. When you smile my heart just kind of wonders where you've been all my life.

You gave me a love I didn't know existed and warmed my heart in places no person could ever touch, I just instantly feel at home when I'm around you. I think this feeling might be the hardest to describe because there are very limited words worthy of such a thing… when I'm with you my entire universe slows down; nothing could ever exist outside of the moments spent with you.

Around you I forget every worry I've ever had, I forget every problem, I get a break from my terrible reality and get a chance to exist in my happily ever after. Our happily ever after, a story I constantly replay every night before bed like a lullaby of guilty pleasure.

And gosh I wish you could get just a glimpse of yourself through my eyes because I hate the way you hate yourself. I am so helplessly absorbed in the idea of you, someone asked my address and I almost said your name. My pulse constantly echoes your name, calling out for you and my fingers ache to be wrapped around yours. It is nearly impossible for my mind to move an inch without bumping into some idea of you.

You have captivated me and it's unfortunate you can't see your affect on people. You are so much more than what people have taken away from you and hopefully one day you will be able to see that. But if I have to spend the rest of my life convincing you that you are enough, it will be more than a life well spent.

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