For All My Ennegram 6's

I am a 6, so I am understanding.

Black and White Thinking 

Yes, we tend to think that things will either be good or bad. However, as I see it, that is usually how most things go, we just tend to worry about it longer. When we analyze the situations we are in, we start to rationalize all things good about it, and then the bad lingers in to let us know all the horrible things that come along with it. As a 6, I want to say that it is okay to think that way. However, we should allow a peak of dichotomies in our lives, that allow things to be split and we can things for what they are without having the lingering fear.

Apprehension Express

We must not believe that something bad is going to happen to us with every change of wind direction. We struggle with the thoughts that run through our minds and we try not to believe that this one simple thing could ruin it all. I have to remind myself that things DO NOT have that much power and we can rely fully on God and put or apprehension aside.

Sea of Questions

We tend to have to many questions for answers and we usually want to have all the answers before we dive right into something. That is usually one of many positive traits about being a 6. It is okay to be prepared for something, but it is not okay to be worried unnecessarily about something. You will be okay.

How to Be Good Friends with a Six

Be Direct and Clear

Listen Please

Do NOT judge our anxiety

Work through things with us. It allows us to understand fully

Reassure the Relationship or Friendship

Laugh and Make Jokes

Gently Push Us to New Experiences

Please do not react to our overreacting, we will get through it

Sixes are the most loyal to their friends and their beliefs. We will fight for what we believe in and go down with any ship that we are loyal too. At our best we are self- affirming and trusting of others. We also start to show more of ourselves with positive thinking and courage.





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