Don't Eat These Foods If You Are A Diabetic
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8 Foods You Miss Out On When You're A Diabetic

Keeping a well enforced diet as a diabetic may be hard.

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As a diabetic, I've learned the hard way that I need to make some lifestyle changes in order to maintain my health . . . but I did not realize how many food items I would need to cut out. Here are just a couple foods that I've had to sacrifice.

1. Birthday Cakes

Say goodbye to helping yourself to those stereotypical vanilla cakes with loads of frosting — instead, you can expect to have one bite and pass it on to another hungry friend. When it comes to avoiding sugar-filled foods, cake is the major enemy.

2) Starbucks Coffee

Coffee is a simple joy in life, but all of Starbucks' flavored syrups, whipped cream and artificial additives have turned a sloppy cup of joe into a diabetic's worst nightmare. Take it from a Starbucks fanatic.

3) Chocolate

Being a huge fan of all things dark chocolate, this has been especially hard on me. I go out of my way to avoid chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cakes, chocolate ice cream and anything else that that increases the sugar content.

4) Starch

The bleaching process used in flour affects the performance of insulin made in the pancreas. This means cutting down on bread, donuts, pasta and burritos.

5) Milk

Milk contains lactose that can raise the blood glucose levels. Therefore, consumption of coffee, tea, frappuccinos and other beloved beverages must be limited.

6) Flavored Yogurt

We diabetics can only enjoy plain yogurt — any yogurt flavored with fruits can increase the blood glucose level past the point of normality.

7) Maple syrup

This sweet pancake topping contains more sugar than the average Starbucks beverage. Needless to say, it should be consumed only occasionally.

8) Cereal

Certain cereal brands are nothing than attractive sugary breakfast items. Captain Crunch and Fruity Pebbles may attract young children, but diabetics know better than to fall for their advertising.

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