Our Favorite Foods Are Going Extinct, Not Just Animals

Since you people have not found a reason to decrease your climate change enforcing habits, I'm bound to tell you why you should care. If you don't care that birds will have to fly thousands of miles just to survive in their normal climate, or that over 900,000 species are predicted to go extinct by 2060, you are probably the type of person who will care about their favorite foods disappearing.

1. Coffee:

Because of droughts and increasingly hot weather in the countries supplying the coffee, it will become unavailable by 2080. Not only does that mean your cracker self won't be able to hit the drive-through on your way to work, but the countries producing the coffee beans will take a severe hit to their economy.


As droughts, where chocolate is produced is increasing, cocoa beans cannot be grown. Fungal diseases have also been found to cling to the cocoa bean pods, eating away at entire fields


Avocados are now costing 36 times more per acre than they did in the past. The droughts in California have caused farming avocados to be way too pricey. Avocados also need 9 gallons of water per ounce produced. Think about that next time you're topping your toast.

4. Bye, Bye Bananas:

As bananas are nearly identical clones of each other, meaning they have no genetic diversity, they cannot evolve and recover from fungal diseases. We have about 20 years left with our beloved friend, Cavendish Cultivar. The fungal disease is spreading like no other.

5. I'm gonna go nuts without Peanuts:

Peanuts need a stable climate to grow. They need rain and a warm climate. Without rain, the seeds will not germinate, and with rain, they have the potential to mold. As the south faces increasing temperatures and droughts, our favorite sandwich is in danger.

6. Chickpeas, don't go! :

Chickpeas require about 1,140 gallons of water to produce one 15 oz can. If you really want your hummus, it might be a smart idea to cut that shower down.

7. Fish:

Over-fishing, Ocean acidification, and loss of biodiversity have been severe on fish in the Oceans. Experts say we have less than 40 years with fish in our Oceans.

Our Earth is in Danger. These seven foods are set to go extinct, and that's just if we continue business as usual. There are small things we can each do to help our beloved planet and save our favorite foods.

Use reusable water bottles and tupperware, carpool, buy energy efficient appliances, wash dishes in room temperature water & cut your showers short, and celebrate arbor day!

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