These two words are the call for all of us. These two little words can change our lives forever if we let them. Jesus wants these words to speak to us in two ways. He is calling us towards Him but also calling us away from other things that are standing in between us and God.

Cling to Him. Be clingy! This is the only time I will ever say to be clingy because this is the only time being clingy will work. Jesus is the one person who can handle your clinginess and you can't crush with your expectations. We can lay down all of our burdens at God's feet and He will take care of us. No one else in the world can do that.

We need to step away from things that stand in between us and God. This one is hard. For many college students, finding the balance between going out with friends but still following Jesus wholeheartedly is nearly impossible. It's also hard to not compare yourself to others in this aspect and others. I sometimes catch myself silently judging others thinking "well at least I went to church Sunday" or "at least I didn't party three nights in a row." This mindset is easy to fall back on to make yourself feel better but it shouldn't.

We are all sinners.

Every single one of us messes up. No matter how big or small the sin is, it is all equal in God's eyes. We are all sinners that we need Him to save. Quite often, we know we mess up but try to deny it. Or we try to fix it ourselves and self medicate. The problem with this is that we can't do anything alone. We need to go to Jesus.

We need to follow Jesus, no matter what. Not IF this happens, or AFTER this time in my life, or WHEN Jesus does this. No matter what. I promise you that it will be worth it. Choosing to follow Jesus and leaving behind the things that don't really matter, has truly changed my life forever.

Follow Him.

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