Looking for affordable swimsuits? Do you find it hard to find swimsuits that will flatter your body shape? You're not alone. It can be quite a hassle trying on swimsuits and trying to find affordable options that still look stylish. I totally get it! Do you often hold off buying new swimsuits because you're nervous to try them on in front of the dressing room mirror? I still struggle with that. I'm here to hopefully help you find the perfect swimsuit that will accentuate your body and help you gain new confidence in the process! I'm happy to tell you that these affordable swimsuits won't break the bank and will make you feel confident no matter your body type or size. Together, we can help promote body positivity by accounting for all body shapes and sizes for women of all races, heights, sizes, and walks of life.

2. For the girl who prefers high-waisted bottoms that will accentuate their waist. 

Buy the bottoms for $28 here. They can be paired with the first option.

3. For the girl who wants a similar but even more affordable option.

Beyond The Dunes White Palm Print Bikini Top


Here, you can snag the top and bottoms for just $40. This has a trendy tropical, green palm leaf print.

Get the top here. ($20)

Get the bottoms here. ($20)

4.  You can buy this basic but trendy high-waisted set for $48.

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Buy the top here. ($24)

Buy the bottoms here. ($24)

5. For the girl looking for a high-waisted swimsuit flattering on pear body shapes.

Get the top (normally $29.95 but on sale for $14.97) here.

Get the bottoms (normally $34.95 but on sale for $17.47) here.

6. For the girl who wants to wear a bandeau top but is bustier. 

Buy this white top here.

Get it in pink/coral.

Get it in green.

Get it in peach.

Get it in blue.

Get it in black.

Get it in lavender.

Get it in yellow.

7. For a neon lover.

Get the top here. It’s normally $29.95 but it’s currently on sale.

Get the bottoms here. They’re $24.95 but on sale for $12.47.

8. For the girl who needs a one-piece swimsuit.

Get it here.

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10. For the girl who needs a fuller coverage one-piece. 

Buy it here. This one is a trendy green ruffle one-piece for $28 that goes up to size XXL.

17. For the girl who needs a fuller coverage bikini.

Buy it here. Here’s a unique floral yellow bikini perfect for soaking up the sun!

18. For the girl who likes fun patterns.

This is giving major mermaid vibes. For $35.99 (currently on sale for $26.99), you can’t beat it!

19. For the girl who wants to try something a little more unique.

Here’s a one-shoulder black ruffle bikini that’s currently on sale! Buy it here.

21. For the girl who wants a full coverage two piece option.

Buy it here. The peplum tip will flatter the waist while offering fuller coverage.