Problems With Flat Feet
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7 Reasons My Flat Feet Will Always Be The Bane Of My Existence

It's not a terminal illness or an extreme handicap, but it's an overlooked pain.

7 Reasons My Flat Feet Will Always Be The Bane Of My Existence
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I'm not sure how many Americans suffer from this painful nuisance called flat feet, but I know I have an extreme case of it. There are much bigger health issues I can personally complain about, but plain-and-simple here's why I'm choosing to complain about this specific condition.

Limited Shoe Options

If you're using medical inserts and taking precaution to keep your feet safe, shoe limits exist. No such thing as high heels, or any heels, open-toed shoes and there's a limit on which close-toe shoes to wear. The close-toed shoes need to have removable original inserts so the special inserts can fit. Flat feet don't bend properly with a high heel and of course, there's the extreme pain the instant heels are worn. Open-toed shoes simply have little to no curve support, and nearly impossible to find an insert for.

It's Expensive

Before wearing inserts, my shoes would get ruined faster because my foot would bend the shoe in an unintended direction, hence I would need to buy new shoes more often. What about the post-inserts era? Well, inserts, especially when tailor-made by a physician, are costly. Add on that they have to be changed fairly often if you're an active person.

Working Out Hurts

There's the pain, and then there's the injury. During a workout such as running, my feet get tired before the rest of my body. Prior to my current inserts, I've had four leg injuries because my alignment was off and my legs couldn't handle it. The injuries I've had that are common for people with flat feet include the knees, feet,ankles and hips. My physical therapist said that the chance of me developing hip, back and ankle pains in the future are strong because my body structure is off balance. If you have flat feet and don't wear inserts, it's important to rethink that decision.

Funny Noises

When walking with bare feet, a flat footed person will make a slapping noise on tile or any floor that isn't carpet or sand.

No Permanent Solution

Just like wearing seeing eye glasses doesn't make eyesight better, inserts don't better the foot curve. Perhaps there's a solution in the works, but so far no doctor or physical therapist has proposed a permanent solution, despite my asking.

No Bare-Feet

Even in the home, bare-feet are a no because they will stress the ankles, knees, hips and lower back. My doctor's suggestion is to wear my inserts even when I am home.

A Self-Conscious Thing

No one has complained about the way my flat feet look, maybe it's just a mental thing for me. Personally I think my feet would look better if I didn't have flat feet. Good thing they're mostly hidden in the close-toed shoes

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