Five Vital Reasons Why Feminism Is For Everyone
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Five Vital Reasons Why Feminism Is For Everyone

So you thought feminism was only some radical concept for women who hate men? Spoiler alert: you're wrong.

Five Vital Reasons Why Feminism Is For Everyone

While sitting here trying to think of a clever or pithy way to begin this list, a thought about how many articles just like this one probably exist in the omnipresent zeitgeist that is the world wide web struck me rather humorless.

How many women and men alike have tirelessly explained this same simple, yet, necessary concept time and time again only to be drowned out by intrepid naysayers. An apparently arcane idea for others who - for whatever reason - can't seem to understand that since as long as civilized society has existed there has been an imbalance, laying the foundation for a system in which women are fundamentally oppressed.

I wondered why on earth this was such a difficult idea to grasp when it is still so prevalently displayed in our modern day society. Why, when women have fought for a century for the vote, equal pay, equal marriage laws/rights, and for equal opportunities as their male counterparts there still seemed to be such a disconnect for the general public of our country with the now - thankfully - burgeoning fourth-wave of feminism?

Why do men have such trouble seeing the inclusiveness and importance of this anti-misogynistic movement? Why is internalized-misogyny driving even seemingly educated/informed women to opposition? Then it hit me, as I'm sure it did for anyone writing one of those similar articles who was also undoubtedly fed up with our ignorantly indifferent society: there must be some kind of misunderstanding here. So rather than try and answer all of those frustratingly played out questions I figured I'd give you a list: the five vital reasons why feminism is for everyone.

While feminism as a movement and throughout its now four waves is far too detailed a subject to cover in one article alone, here's another conveniently brief article to catch you up on what you've missed for the last 100 years and an apt segue into expressing why this movement is actually FOR EVERYONE:

1.) Feminism By Definition Means Equality:

-all together now people, EQUALITY OF THE SEXES!!! I mean truly . . . need I say more? If you have any questions and never clicked on that first link then please, just refer to the definition above and repeatedly read it slowly until its meaning sinks in fully.

2.) The Patriarchy Unquestionably Insults Men As a Whole

The patriarchy as a construct implies that men are brute, senseless, and uncontrollable neanderthals who can't function in a more civilized society and as such require a system where their egos, fragile masculinity, and stupidity are coddled with the illusion of ultimate power. Ipso facto, men are dumb/childish and have to have their way or they'll ruin everything for the everyone else. Is this the way we want to be portrayed?

3.) Gender Roles Are Mutually Destructive

Just as women are limited to only the feminine, or societally viewed soft and/or weaker traits, in a non-feminist culture so too are men only perceived as masculine and therefore not allowed to show weakness, emotion of any kind, or exhibit interest in anything relating to the feminine (because that's considered to be the worst, still wondering why the name is Feminism?). Machismo is the only acceptable expression of maleness and frilly flamboyance that of femaleness. Women who are less feminine are harassed as being non-female and ruthlessly touted such all-around offensive slurs as "Lesbo or Chicks With Dicks." While men get their fair share of "Sissy or Wimp," etc. Gender roles limit us as an entire species by attempting to assign non-transferable strengths and weaknesses to each separate sex.

4.) Countless European Business Models Show When Women Are Equally As In Charge As Men We All Win

A recent article out of International Trade Forum (I.T.C.) entitled "Women on boards: A corporate necessity" claims that having women in positions of power such as CEO, CFO, or even merely in the boardroom was not only a duty on the basis of equality, but has become one for the betterment of companies' bottom line. During Iceland's recent market crash who was in the boardroom cleaning up whose mess? That's right, after arresting dozens of crooks Icelandic FEMALE CEO's came to the nation's rescue. Thanks to European female worker reform we now have exemplary proof in not only Iceland and its tiny island, but also the likes of Norway & Australia to show that the forge for women in the boardroom has been and still is long overdue.

5.) Feminists Advocate for The Support, Acceptance, & Increased Awareness of MEN's Suffering Too; Probably More Than Us

On issues ranging from rape, abortion, sexuality liberation, parental rights, male reproductive health, mere stereotypical gender roles, . . . and the list goes on and on. Female feminists and feminism as a whole has worked too for men in every way shape and form; even despite the continual lack of coverage and slanderous accusations of misandry . . . and . . . I am just done you guys, here, read this other list too for more reasons. So now can we ALL be done with this collectively misinformed promulgating of misinformation??? PuhhhhLEEEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEE?????

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