Have you ever seen a TV show that inspired you to take a certain career path, no matter how far fetched that path might be? As someone who watches many workplace comedies and dramas, I often become inspired by whatever show I'm binge watching at the time! Here are some of the least realistic careers that TV makes people believe are possible!

Comedian- "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"


After watching the first two seasons of "Mrs. Maisel", which is about a housewife turned comedienne, I couldn't help but think about how incredible it would be to go into comedy and make people laugh as a living. The show makes it seem as if a meteoric rise to fame is not too difficult, as Midge is relatively successful after less than a year in the business. However, I'm sure that it's much harder to become a successful comedian in real life!

Doctor- "Scrubs"


Back in high school, I became obsessed with the medical comedy, "Scrubs", which was about the new careers of young doctors. I've heard that "Scrubs" is supposed to be the most accurate medical show of all time, and the characters on the show seemed to have easy times with most of their patients. For about six months, I felt determined to go to medical school because of this show. What changed this? The fact that I have a strong dislike of chemistry!

Detective- "Veronica Mars"


'Veronica Mars" featured Kristen Bell as a teenaged detective who was working to figure out who murdered her best friend, as well as solving many other crimes. If she could do it, then why couldn't I? I soon realized that my town police probably would not ask for my help in solving what few crimes the town actually had!

Secret Agent- "24"


I used to think Jack Bauer had the most interesting job on the planet and briefly considered trying to work as an agent (back in middle school). Upon re-watching the series more recently, I've decided that I am nowhere near fit enough to perform all the stunts I would have to do as an agent. Also, being an agent for the government has far more procedure and paperwork than "24" lets on.

Police Officer- "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"


"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" makes police work look like all fun and games, with very few cases that are difficult to crack. But similarly to "24", I feel as if I would need to get much fitter to go into this line of work, and it doesn't showcase nearly as much of the monotony that is part of a career in law enforcement.