5 Thoughts On The First Day of Classes

Going into my senior year of college, I have had sixteen (well seventeen if you count kindergarten) first days and each year brings something new to the table. In grade school, everyone was just so excited to see all of their friends and exploring what the new school year had to offer, such as: meeting your new teacher, getting used to your new classroom, going to keyboarding class for the first time, and many other new experiences.

Once junior high arrived, it was a whole new type of the first day. The first day of junior high symbolized this sense of growing up. Instead of having the same teacher for all subjects, you now have multiple teachers. You have to figure out how to time yourself to get to your locker and what things you need in order to get to your classes on time.

Entering high school, a whole new level of freedom falls into play. On the first day, the teachers treat you more as adults, but this also means that you are expected to hold more responsibility. Going to college, it is just a whole new level. Going into my final year of college, I had many different thoughts running through my head and I am sure that others have had similar thoughts as well!

1. First Day=Get Out Early

I definitely had this thought, but, unfortunately, this did not happen for me!

2. What Should I Wear?

Cute or comfy?

3. How Much Are My Books Going To Cost?

Some semesters are more costly than others!

4. A Week Ago I Was By The Pool...

This was definitely me because I was on a vacation just a short week ago!

5. How Many More Days Until The Next Break?

Counting down the days until that next day off!

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