Growing up in the suburbs, there were not always a wide variety of activities during the weekends. My friends and I would always run out of things to do. After moving to Atlanta, I was overwhelmed by the excitement and exhilaration. Even though I have only been here for about a month, I have had countless adventures. Here are just five places that every person who visits Atlanta needs to go.

1. Ponce City Market

One of my first adventures in Atlanta was at Ponce City Market. This destination, located a convenient fifteen minutes from the Emory campus, is a must-see. Two weeks ago, my roommate and I visited Ponce City Market. We loved window-shopping at the high-end stores, browsing through the various shops, and eating at the restaurants. We savored some tasty ribs and xiao long bao at Jia restaurant and also purchased some delicious macaroons. It was great to have a break from the DUC-ling food.

2. Atlanta Beltline

This destination is located right next to Ponce City Market. The Atlanta Beltline is very similar to the Highline in New York and provides breathtaking views of the city’s skyline. It is a great place to rollerblade, bike, and walk. Admiring the sunset and sunrise would be easy from this location as well.

3. Chinatown

My roommate and I both love authentic Asian cuisine and miss our families home cooked meals. We have taken two trips to Atlanta Chinatown in the past month. The Atlanta Chinatown, while it is not as close to Emory as other tourist destinations, is so worth the drive. While there, we tasted some famous large xiao long bao and duck. Near Atlanta Chinatown, there are also plenty of oriental supermarkets, pastry shops, and bakeries.

4. Music Midtown

This two-day music festival should be on every college student’s bucket list. The lineup consisted of all the hit singers such as Bruno Mars, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Zara Larsson, Young the Giant, Dua Lipa, Bastille, and HAIM. Located at Piedmont Park, this music festival was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While the tickets were a bit pricey and the crowds were overwhelming, it was truly an unforgettable experience. I loved screaming along to the lyrics, eating from food trucks, and just walking around the park. In addition, it was super fun running into other students from Emory and bonding over our shared love and admiration for these artists.

5. Emory University

Finally, I believe that every person who lives in Atlanta should tour Emory’s campus. Its characteristic stone buildings and surrounding trees make it one of the most beautiful college campuses that I have been to. Whenever I have free time, I enjoy simply walking around campus and soaking in everything the campus has to offer. Emory has a beautiful view of the Atlanta skyline as well. When I was deciding between colleges this past spring, I instantly fell in love with Emory. Even if you are not a student, Emory is still worth the visit.

These five things to do are just some of my favorites. The opportunities in Atlanta are endless and I can not wait to explore more of this remarkable city.