My favorite things about fall

Fall is the best time of the year!! So get pumped about enjoying these five things!

1. Sweaters and Leggings


Who doesn't love a nice cozy sweater in some leggings curled up with some coffee on a cold day?

2. Football

As a student at an SEC school, we are counting down the days until football starts! Can't wait to ring those cowbells loud!

3. Fuzzy Socks

If you're like me, you'll wear fuzzy socks year round, but it really feels nice when it's chilly outside.

4. The Leaves and Weather Change

Fall makes for beautiful scenery (am I right photographers?) so I literally wait all year for the leaves to change color and fall from the trees. Plus, there's chilly weather, and for this summer hater, chilly weather makes for a happy girl.


Basic white girl problems, but you know that I am ALREADY spraying Pumpkin Spice Febreze all over my dorm room! Thank you Lord for Pumpkins.

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