A 5-Step Plan To Get Motivated Again (After A Rough Patch)

I have dealt with many rough patches in my life and getting out of them hasn't always been easy. Some have lasted several months at a time, others weeks, and some luckily only a few days. There are quite a few techniques that have stood out to me during difficult times and without fail always helped me snap out of it, quickly so that I could achieve my goals and enter the right headspace again. I would like to take some time to share the techniques that worked the best for me with you. I hope that these tips can help you feel like yourself again, and bring back your inner spark.

Create an energizing playlist of music full of new, upbeat songs

High energy songs can be exactly what you need for a quick and instant boost. Listen to these songs whenever you're feeling drained, tired, or even plain old apathetic and see how much it can really transform your mood.

Take a moment to remind yourself of your achievements

They don't have to be tremendous–they can be as small as running an errand, doing a load of dishes, or even going an entire day without crying. Remind yourself that if you have the strength to achieve these tasks, no matter how small they may be, you can achieve even greater things.

Work on building your self-esteem

Try to remember the certain aspects of yourself that makes you proud to be who you are. It can be your kindness, thoughtful advice, unique sense of humor, etc. and remember how powerful these traits really are. Remind yourself how these traits have helped you with difficult situations in the past and how they can help you with even harder situations in the future.

Reflect on what you would like to accomplish by the next week, month, then overall year

Writing these goals can help them feel more concrete and purposeful. You can get a pad of sticky notes and write a goal on each note and put it around your room or desk to remind yourself what you want. Or create a new document on the "Notes" app on your phone and fill them with your new and exciting goals. Whenever you want to remind yourself of what you're working towards, open up the document and read them.

Gather the resources you need to achieve your goals and start working!

Maybe you need a new planner and supplies for school, to achieve your goal of getting better grades in school. Or maybe you need a scale to track your weight, if you're trying to shed some pounds. Or you need organization bins to help declutter your living space. Whatever you need, go get it as soon as you can to help you become even better at achieving your goals that you're aiming for. With the right resources, they won't be nearly as intimidating to achieve.

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