Odyssey Wants To Know How The 2020 Election Results Impacts You Directly
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The Presidential election of 2020 featured President Donald Trump against former Vice President Joe Biden. Regardless of who wins the election on November 3, for many people, there are implications based on whoever the new sitting president will be.

Odyssey wants to know how you think the next president will affect you and your community. Here's a simple template to follow to write an identity piece based on the presidential election:


As A [Insert Identity Here], The Election Of [Trump/Biden] Means _______ For Me


As A [Insert Identity Here] Trump's Reelection Is Terrifying/Great Because _______


As A [Insert Identity Here], Having [Trump/Biden] In Office Is _______


Having Joe Biden As Our Next President Means I, A [Insert Identity Here], [Insert Opinion]

Cover Image:

A picture of yourself with a ballot, at the polling station, people within your specific community and identity group, or just a personal picture will work well here.

Introduction and Body Paragraphs:

For your introduction, talk about yourself, the group, or identity you represent, a bit about your experience under the Trump administration since he was elected president in 2016. If you have any personal stories, this is a great place to tell those in a short and concise way.

Then, talk about the newly elected president and start talking about what their election means to you, your experience, and others who are in your identity group.

You can answer some of these questions too:

  1. How do you feel about the newly elected president?
  2. Are you excited, scared, nervous, elated, or sad about the election?
  3. What have your experiences been like under the Trump administration?
  4. How do you think your experiences might change over the course of the next 4 years?
  5. Is the election a big deal to people in your identity group? Why?
Finally, you can finish off your piece with a wrap-up paragraph talking about some of your hopes for the next four years under the president-elect or any other final thoughts on the election and what the implications are.
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