The first time I felt worthy

I have always believed in leading by example. I get satisfaction from helping out people whether it be aiding my brothers on a homework assignment or helping out someone in need. My willingness to train and guide others makes me feel that I'm actually making a difference in someone else's life other than mine. My strong ability to communicate both orally and in writing made me a perfect candidate as a volunteer at the Boys and Girls club. While there, I led the arts and crafts station where I was able to bring out the creative side of each child. I gave the kids one-on-one attention and was able to guide them through exploring their creative side, which built up their confidence. When I volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club the summer after my Sophomore year of high school ended, I gained valuable communication skills and felt vulnerable with every child under my care. Getting the kids to pay attention and follow directions was a somewhat difficult process, yet I still managed to get it done. Rather than spending my summer staying at home doing nothing, I spent time having fun with the kids and the other volunteers and I still hold satisfaction to this day because of what I accomplished.

Beginning in high school, I was a confused, shy and lost freshman. I did not know what my place in high school was or where I belonged. There were the math fanatics, popular cheerleaders, artsy folks, and then there was me. I was invisible to most students at my school, besides a few good friends, until I signed up for yearbook my sophomore year. This extracurricular activity changed my life. I was the nervous girl no more and finally came out of my shell. Yearbook was a place where I could actually be myself without being judged. I expressed myself through the pages I made and the year bookies became my second family. I learned the basics of graphic design as well as how to write an eye-catching article. It was not until junior year, when I was promoted from a web page designer to the Editor of Clubs and Activities, that I realized I was actually doing a good job. My promotion made me comprehend that I am not just the underdog. I can achieve great things like everyone else. The fact that I became a leader gave me even more confidence. I felt as if I had made a difference with this after school course because I created something. I hope I am able to help more people in the future by creating things that benefit them.

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