Don't Treat Your First Draft Like Your Final Draft, Your First Draft Is Supposed To Be Rough

Don't Treat Your First Draft Like Your Final Draft, Your First Draft Is Supposed To Be Rough

Word vomiting is useful.


Writing is an amazing skill that can both be fun and tedious at the same time. The important thing to remember when it comes to writing is knowing that whatever you write the first time around will not be perfect. In fact, your final product may have been completely transformed from the first few drafts. A few ways to keep the creative juices flowing from your brain onto paper would be to keep a list of writing ideas down. That way, you could keep track of the things you may be more interested in writing about.

Find where your passions and curiosities lie. The topics could be reflective or they could require a lot of research, but always keep an open mind in how you could expand on that writing to go further and deeper into a topic, and also consider how it may affect your audience. When it comes down to writing your first draft, don't overthink it. Many people, including me, think of the first draft like a final draft that is being turned in and graded. I would advise in not spending so much time correcting every little grammar mistake or think too much about formulating sophisticated and complex sentences, over focusing on what ideas you currently have.

The purpose of a rough draft is in its name. It is a "ROUGH" draft, meaning that it is not supposed to be perfect. In fact, it may not even be good.

Begin with writing down whatever comes to mind first, even if it may not make a lot of sense. The idea-vomiting on paper is beneficial because when you come back to revise it, perhaps you have had a more clear idea or even merge some thoughts together that take a direction. From there, you can begin eliminating, elaborating, and organizing your thoughts and ideas when it comes to writing. In the end, make more revisions and elevate your writing. Great writing comes from layers upon layers of revision, but most importantly, it comes from your ideas. So don't be hesitant in writing down anything you have on your mind.

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7 Things You Do If You’re One Of Those 'I Always Order Chicken Tenders' People

It's hard to love food but also hate it at the same time.


Growing up, my mom would usually have to cook me a separate dinner from my siblings. Why? Because I was ridiculously picky and wouldn't eat the same foods as everyone else. Trust me, it gets old. It's not my fault certain things just taste gross, you learn to live with it.

1. You eat something you hate just to see if you still hate it

I'll take a bite of a burger every once in a while just to reaffirm that it still tastes like dirt. I just have to know. Don't even get me started on vegetables.

2. When trying to explain what you actually like to eat, people give you major side eye

Don't ask me about my eating habits unless you want to get into a long, confusing conversation.

3. Eating at someone else’s house when you were younger was a pain

You hate to tell their parents just how much you hate the food that they gave you. So, you sucked it up and ate it anyway only to come home and whine to your parents.

4. There’s one thing on any menu you always fall back on...even if it’s on the kids menu

Pizza, maybe. Chicken tenders, always.

5. Trying a new food is a very proud moment

It's like, wow! Look at me being all adventurous.

6. When you realize you actually like some new food, that’s an even more amazing moment

Crazy times. This rarely happens.

7. Sometimes it’s the texture, sometimes it’s the flavor, all the time it’s left on your plate

Oops. At restaurants it's either left on your plate or your order is very specified.

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17 Productive Ways To Procrastinate

Because sometimes you just need to avoid homework while also getting stuff done.



1. Delete apps you don't use from your phone.


Be sure to check in Settings afterwards to see how much space you freed up.

2. Clean out your car.


Driving a clean car is the quickest way to feel like a million bucks.

3. Read the news.


Voila, you are now smart.

4. Organize your schoolwork.


You know what I'm talking about: all those graded returned homework and PowerPoint slides and old exams and printed-off Chegg problems. Get a big binder and page dividers, sort your papers by class, and put them in the binder. Revel in how organized you are.

5. Have a quiet time.


Nothing enables productivity quite as well as spending time with God first!

6. Work out.


Healthy body, healthy mind, right?

7. Make your bed and tidy your room.


You're unstoppable.

8. Go through your clothes and give things away.


You'll feel 1000x lighter.

9. List your old jewelry for sale on a local BST site.



10. Do your grocery shopping.


You probably should not eat so much fast food.

11. Give yourself a pedicure.


You're worth it.

12. Do your laundry.


Once all your favorite clothes are clean and ready to go, you'll be so much more productive.

13. Tithe to your church (or favorite nonprofit.)


You know that's something you've been meaning to do.

14. Do the dishes.


A clean kitchen = a clear mind.

15. Wear a charcoal mask.


I also put coconut oil in my hair while I do this as a deep-conditioning treatment.

16. Delete old emails and texts.


If you've never tried keeping you inbox at zero, I recommend it.

17. Call your mom.


Or dad, or grandparents, or long-distance bestie.

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