I Went To My First Broadway Show And It Was Tony-Worthy

I Went To My First Broadway Show And It Was Tony-Worthy

To be clear, this was my first Broadway show on Broadway, and I loved almost every minute of it.


Let me just make the clarification now that this wasn't my first Broadway show I've seen. I've seen several at the Arizona Broadway Theater and also recently saw Wicked at ASU Gammage. However, this was my first ever Broadway show that I actually saw on Broadway. I was excited, to say the least. I knew it was at one of the smaller theaters on Broadway, but I was just as excited as I would have been for any of the other performances. It really all about the experience, and overall mine was great.

Deciding which show I was going to see was no small feat. I had a mini list that included Aladdin, Waitress, and Chicago. Deep down I really wanted to see Hamilton, but as a broke college student who recently started to make payments on their new car, Hamilton tickets were not even an idea. It really came down to what I could afford and what I would regret the most not seeing. So I chose Chicago. The ticket that I bought was relatively inexpensive since I sat in the far back of the theatre and would still have enough money left over for a commemorative t-shirt.

I was originally planning on going with one of my cousins that lives in New York, but her plans changed and I ended up going by myself. Some of you reading this are probably thinking, "aww that's so sad, going to the theatre by herself." Let me just squash that thought by saying how much I prefer going to things like that alone. I go to the movies alone more times than I go with someone else. That could be a whole other story on why I prefer my alone time, but in short: I'm an introvert. So I was fine seeing the musical by myself. My dad and I walked around Time Square before showtime. He dropped me off, and then we both went our separate ways for a few hours.

Like I said earlier, this was one of the smaller theaters on Broadway so it wasn't hard to find my seat. I bought my shirt before I went to my seat because I assumed there was going to be a line after the show. There wasn't, but I was still happy I got it earlier because then I could just leave after the show. My seat was literally four rows away from where the back wall of the theater was. Which was fine. I have great eyesight and I could see all of the stage clearly. That was until the large group of teenage girls sat directly in front of me and completely blocked my view of center stage.

During the first half of the musical, I was swaying side to side to get a view of the stage. I didn't want to yell at the girl and tell her to sit properly so the people behind her could see. Mainly because her mom was sitting next to her, and I didn't want that drama in the middle of the play. So during intermission, I moved seats. To my right, there were several empty rows of seats with no one for a few rows ahead of them so I thought "might as well." I made the decision to move because someone came and sat behind me about two songs into the music and started to complain that she couldn't see as well. So I took the liberty for both of us to have an experience and moved out of the way. The rest of the time was marvelous. I was able to see clearly. I sang along without having an older lady next to me judging my ability. It was fantastic.

The only thing that I wish would have happened, but I guess that only happens in lesser productions is when the audience gets to meet the cast and get an autograph. Of course, I didn't have a pen or sharpie with me so it was honestly for the best, but that would have been the cherry on top. Hopefully the next time I am in New York I have enough money to see another Broadway show. Maybe if I save up it could be Hamilton.

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18 Broadway Songs That Will Make You Want To Choreograph Them

Get out your character shoes, it's time to dance

Ever hear a show tune and instantly want to choreograph a number to it? Ever staged an all ensemble dance number? Ever see yourself teaching choreo to the Broadway cast of "A Chorus Line?" Well then this list might be for you.

1. "La Vie Boheme" - Rent

Anyone else want to come up with staging and choreography for one of the most iconic numbers in musical theatre history?

2. "Big Fun" - Heathers the Musical

Though this musical never made it to Broadway, I know you are dancing to it anyway.

3. "Hair" - Hair

Hairography, anyone?

4. "Saturday Night In The City" - The Wedding Singer

High energy and just makes you wanna go out and show off.

5. Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show

6. "Mamma Mia" - Mamma Mia

Don't all theatre kids already know the choreo for this?

7. "Bend and Snap" - Legally Blonde the Musical

"Do it, and we'll go away." Seriously, bend and snap.

8. Staying Alive - Saturday Night Fever

No explanation needed here.

9. "Footloose" - Footloose

10. "Totally F****d" - Spring Awakening

Anyone else want to jump around on stage and curse like a sailor simultaneously?

11. "Brand New Day" - The Wiz

Anyone want to put a flash mob together with this song?!

12. "Do Your Own Thing" - Bring It On: The Musical

Tumbling and musical theatre in one musical is what this show is all about. Can we put every song on this list?

13. "Dancing Through Life" - Wicked

Time for the whole cast to dance together.

14. "Get Ready/Dancing in the Street" - Motown the Musical

This whole show is a throwback but the best blast to the past you could ask for.

15. "Revolting Children" - Matilda the Musical

These kids freaking kick ass in this number. It is insane.

16. "Money" - Cabaret

I can see it now.

17. "Don't Stop Believin'" - Rock of Ages

If New Directions can do it, we can too!

18. "Anything You Can Do" - Annie Get Your Gun

This number is basically a dance off.

Cover Image Credit: Bucks County Playhouse

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11 Musical Quotes That Are Perfect For Your Graduation Cap

Hats off to you, musical theatre!


Finding the right quote for your graduation cap is an absolute necessity, especially when you graduate college.

You want to find a quote that accurately sums up the last 4 years of your life and all the lessons both good and bad that you learned during that time.

Searching for the right quote can prove to be difficult as there are so many to choose from, but none of them seem to be the right fit.

Luckily, we have musicals that not only provide us with entertainment but teach us life lessons that we will carry with us throughout our lives!

Musicals like RENT and Kinky Boots teach us about self-acceptance, In The Heights teaches us about persevering through times of struggle while maintaining and celebrating one's cultural identity, and Dear Evan Hansen teaches us it's okay to not be okay because better things are coming.

These are all important life lessons that college kids encounter throughout their 4 years of self-discovery, so what better way than to sum up their experiences than with a quote from a musical?

Here are some great quotes from various musicals that are sure to help you end your college career on a high note!

1. "I am the one thing in life I can control"- Hamilton


Fun fact: I actually chose this quote for my own cap! The last 4 years definitely have not gone as planned, but I have to keep in mind that I can't control my experiences, but I can control how I respond to them.

2. "No day but today"- RENT


This quote really resonates with people because we frequently become so busy with our daily lives and put so much emphasis on our future plans that we rarely take the time to reflect on how important each day truly is. This quote reminds me that worrying about the future won't change anything, so I should take each day as it comes.

3. "You Will Be Found"- Dear Evan Hansen


Evan Hansen struggles with social anxiety which can make it difficult for people to put themselves out there and form new relationships. College is the time where individuals are struggling to form their identity, figure out what they want to do for the rest of their lives, understand what they want in their lives and personal relationships, and it can be pretty difficult to come to terms with who you are. Dear Evan Hansen reminds us that no matter how hard you're struggling, you will be found.

4. "Sometimes you got to rewrite the plot"- Kinky Boots


When I first started college, I had my whole life planned out. I was gonna be a nurse, get a job straight out of college and be financially stable. Needless to say, that didn't happen. I ended up dropping out for a while, and I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't like the way my life was going, so I rewrote the script. I switched jobs a few times, reapplied to college and switched my major to Communications. After that, life just fell into place!

5. "It's time to trust my instincts, close my eyes, and leap!"- Wicked


Graduating high school and starting college was absolutely terrifying for me. I don't like change, and I will find any way to prevent change from happening. Whenever people would ask me why I wasn't excited about college, I would tell them that I wasn't ready. Now that I've finished college, I can tell you that waiting until you're ready means waiting forever. Sometimes, you just have to go for it!

Trust me, you're ready. Even if you don't think you are, you're ready!

6. "Thank you for everything I know"- In The Heights


Everyone has someone they look up to that inspires them to work towards goals they didn't even know were achievable! For me, that was my Spanish professor whom I met when I was a Junior in college. She was not only the best professor I've ever had, but she helped me discover my talents. Before I met her, I was just a college student who went to class and studied. After I met her, I became a writer for Odyssey, a comedian, and a motivational speaker. Thank you for everything I know!

7. "Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise"- Les Miserables


Even though college was the best 4 years I've had so far, there were many times where I wanted to give up. Eventually, I did. I dropped out without the intention of returning, but thank God I did! The year I took off was the worst year I've ever had, and I didn't know how I would handle everything life threw at me. However, I took a chance and decided to reapply to school, and the year I returned ended up being the best year of my life!

8. "You are more than what you have become" - Lion King


Your worth is not determined by your GPA, your income, the number of friends you have, where you live, what car you drive, who your significant other is, etc. Your worth is determined by your status as a human being and nothing but. We often compare ourselves to other people who seem to "have their life together", but I guarantee you almost no one has it all together; we're all confused in some way or another.

No matter what stage of your life you're in, you are valid.

9. "Being true to yourself never goes out of style"- Legally Blonde


Given the capitalistic society we live in, we're always pushed towards things that will make us the most money, not the things that will make us happy. I started off majoring in Nursing because it was a guaranteed job and paycheck, but I wasn't happy. My roommate originally majored in Engineering because her mom wanted her to, but she hated it. After she switched to Psychology, a whole new person was born! After I switched to Communications, I looked forward to going to class every day! As long as you love what you're doing, then you've chosen the right major!

10. "Give 'em the old razzle dazzle"- Chicago


Growing up, I was always that kid that never wanted to sit still or blend in with everyone else. I always had to have that "extra something". If I had a dollar for every time I was told to "tone it down", I would be able to pay for my Master's and my Ph.D. up front! Now that I found the perfect job with the perfect coworkers, I'm not only accepted for being who I am, but I'm celebrated for it, too!

Don't be afraid to put your extra touch on everything you do, and remember to go where you're celebrated, not where you're tolerated!

11. "I am not throwing away my shot"- Hamilton


College is a unique opportunity that provides us with more opportunities than we'd have without our degrees. Even though there were multiple times I didn't want to continue with college because it was too difficult, somehow I managed to get through! I couldn't have done it without the support of my friends and professors, and I'm excited to see where life takes them and where it takes me, too! Thank you to everyone who reminded me not to throw away my shot, I love you all so much!

Congratulations to all the graduates out there; I am so proud of each and every one of you! Don't forget to give 'em the old razzle-dazzle, and the world is yours!

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