Finding Your Power Color

Is there ever a shirt you wear that always puts in a good mood? Is there a certain lipstick that you always reach for? Sometimes there are objects you love that become a staple in you life because they make you feel good. This can be similar to my new favorite topic: a power color. Over the past year I discovered that there was a color that I wore that made me feel happier than usual. I had more confidence and really like how it looked on me. After some research and polling friends, I realized that this idea of a power color is real.

My Backstory

A few days ago my friends and I were talking about our power colors and I discovered more people who enjoyed the idea. My roommate loves khaki green, while my other friend rocks darker colors. For me, I've always loved the shade maroon. Red had always been my favorite color so I do own a lot of red colored items, but maroon is always a staple in my wardrobe. From sweaters to tee-shirts to makeup, I like to wear maroon as often as possible because it makes me feel good. It makes me feel powerful.

The Positive Effects of a Power Color

Essentially, the idea of a power color is quite uplifting. It can boost someones confidence, help them create of style, and ultimately give them a better sense of self. Power colors are often overlooked because no one really thinks about them. But honestly, they have a huge impact to our lives. Even though it may seem materialistic, finding the color that just works for you can make enjoy life just a little bit more.

Finding Your Power Color

So, how do you find your power color? For me it was just a realization. I realized my senior year of high school that whenever I wear maroon, I always love my outfit and enjoy the day a little bit more. However, it may not always be this simple. For help trying to figure it out you can take really cliche quizzes that may or may not help. Here are two I found: Quiz 1 and Quiz 2. Other ways include just using your appearance as a guide. Factors like your skin tone, eye and hair color and personal favorite color can all play a role in find a power color. An exercise to do is to look through your wardrobe and see what items you like to wear most. Is there a popular color? Is it a specific color palette? If this doesn't work go to a store and try on different items that draw you in. Bring a friend who knows you and see if they can help. Often others will notice your power color before you do.

I believe everyone has a power color. I hope you either know yours or can find it, because they a positive effect that can help find your sense of self. It may seem superficial or silly, but once you find your power you will realize how amazing it is. So, what's your power color?

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