This Is Finals Week As Told By Ross Geller

This Is Finals Week As Told By Ross Geller



Once again, finals week is upon us. There is so much stress. Sometimes you need a good laugh to help relieve some of that stress. That's when we turn to our beloved Friends character, Ross, for a good laugh. Good luck on finals!

1. When your friends ask you if you're okay

Drunk Ross Geller GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

2. In reality, you're just a glass case of emotions because everything is due the same day

3. Then your professor informs you that you have a group project due

4. But, there is always that one group member that does nothing

5. But the best part about finals week is that the final is comprehensive! (not)

6. And, they don't give a study guide

7. You get a major headache from pulling an all nighter because there is so much information to remember

8. You're professors think you really do your work over Thanksgiving... but you don't

9. After your all nighter, you have a good feeling about the exam but you only know this...

10. When you think you did well, you leave the classroom like this...

11. But really, you bombed it and are more like this until next semester

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Why Is It Suddenly OK To Exploit Virginity On Reality TV?

Hint: It's not, or at least, it shouldn't be


As probably everyone in the entire world knows by now, Colton Underwood is the star of season 23 of "The Bachelor," and he is a virgin. Ever since he publicly revealed it while a contestant on Becca Kufrin's season of "The Bachelorette," it is all anyone can talk about. So, it's really not a surprise that it has already been brought up constantly on "The Bachelor" even though we're only one episode in.

Nevermind the fact that he's been an offseason player for the San Diego Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Oakland Raiders; That he started his own foundation to research cystic fibrosis and provide medical equipment to children; That he's a dog dad of two (Thor and Sniper).

He's an actual person beyond his sex life.

In an interview with 'The Hollywood Reporter,' Colton had this to say about it: "People are invested in [my virginity] now because that's sort of been my story and what people know me for… Hopefully, after this, they know me for much more than just being a virgin."

Colton has also strived to make light of the fact that his virginity has become the main focus of "The Bachelor."


I'm glad that Colton isn't upset by the depiction of his virginity, but as a viewer, it's quite annoying that it is all the producers focus on.

Though Colton may be the first virgin bachelor of the show, no one else's sex life has been played up like this.

It's quite problematic that it's even a focus of the show anyway. When Colton told Becca that he hadn't had sex yet, I applauded his choice, not judging one way or the other. Yet the producers seem to have made a judgment about it by overhyping it. By talking about it so much, it's implied that being a virgin isn't OK like it's some kind of barrier preventing true love or a burden that must be shed immediately.

What kind of message is that?

I'm curious to see how this focus on his sex life will play throughout the show. No doubt it will be mentioned in every episode. By the time the fantasy suites roll around, I'm sure it'll be talked about in every breath. And I would bet that if it isn't revealed then, Chris Harrison will point-blank ask Colton about it during his interview in the finale as if it's really any of our business what Colton does or doesn't do with his body. Though filming has wrapped now, I wonder if Colton felt any pressure to "lose his v-card" for the sake of the show (literally).

If he did, that's appalling and shameful.

I'm sure talk of Colton's sex life won't die down anytime soon, but I hope that it doesn't distract from what Colton is there for: to fall in love and find a wife. I'm eager to see how his story will play out and learn more about him beyond the fact that he's a virgin.

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Meet MoPOP, The Museum You'll Never Shut Up About

MoPOP, the nonprofit museum located in downtown Seattle, is a must-go for all music and movie lovers.


When it comes to seafood, art and unforgettable views, Seattle is doing something right. With such a vibrant culture and music history, the Emerald City is the perfect home for a museum dedicated to all things popular culture.

As soon as I set foot into the artfully designed building located next to the world-famous Space Needle, my jaw dropped and stayed that way until my friend and I returned back to the cold, windy air of Seattle's streets hours later. My experience at the Museum of Pop Culture left me speechless and wanting more.

Main entrance to the Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction exhibit at the Museum of Pop Culture. Amanda Marvin

Upon entering the array exhibits, I was propelled into my childhood when I spotted a gremlin prop that laid protected in a glass box. Dorothy's checkered dress from The Wizard of Oz in 1939 was filled by a mannequin next to the other characters' costumes. Jimi Hendrix's electric guitar that he used during Woodstock Music and Art Fair in 1969 presented itself stylishly. The Walking Dead's memorable necklace of ears was displayed gloriously just four inches from my face. There was even an exact replica of Pearl Jam's recording room where they played some of their most legendary songs.

Jimi Hendrix used this guitar to perform "The Star Spangled Banner" at the Woodstock Music and Art Fair in 1969.Amanda Marvin

I have never fangirled so many times in a night. I was in heaven.

Along with some of the exhibits, there are interactive aspects that allow you to enjoy the featured video games in the Indie Game Revolution exhibition and play instruments in the Sound Lab.

The Museum of Pop Culture, or MoPOP, is ideal for those of you with an appreciation for art, music and the theater.

The notable necklace of ears Daryl Dixon wore during the fifth episode of season two of The Walking Dead. Amanda Marvin

With its changing display, members of all ages can visit multiple times to see new material while first-timers are guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

Look to to plan your visit to my now-favorite place.

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