Here at the University of Kentucky, we only have about one agonizingly long month left of school. For the majority of students, morale is low and so are most of our grades.

Let's take a look at the rollercoaster of emotions that college student will be experiencing over the next few weeks- as told by Michael Scott, of course.

1. The moment when you realize you should have taken notes all semester

confused Michael Scott GIF

Its time for your final exam, you look at the paper and your mind goes blank. Why? Because instead of taking notes during your lecture, you were binge-watching The Office.

2. You are literally broke

You blew all your money on spring break, and then came home and spent $200 on groceries, now you can't even afford the dollar menu at McDonald's.

3. When your professor crams in two papers, three exams, and four presentations

The Office NO Gif

Basically, the entire world is crashing down around you. It's time to panic.

4. When your professor decides to make your final exam the hardest one yet

the office gif

Wouldn't it be nice if *adulting*, in general, was explained to you in elementary terms? Because I still don't get it.

5. When your family asks you how school is going while you're cramming for exams during Easter

Michael scott ok gif

Like, what kind of question is that? Can we just get on with the Easter egg hunt and ignore my endless suffering for a moment? Thank you.

6. That last-ditch effort the last week of school to make your professor like you enough to bump up your grade

great the office gif

The reality is, you can't wait to walk through those classroom doors and *hopefully* never see that professor again, but it's in your best interest to at least try to make them like you- for your grade's sake.

7. Despite your efforts, your professor denies rounding your 89.8% to a 90%

michael scott gif

Didn't we learn to round in like, 2nd grade? Maybe YOU shouldn't be a professor because an 89.8% IS. AN. A. (technically)

8. Finals are over, and it's time to go home

It's bitter-sweet... no, it's just sweet. Goodbye cruel professors, catch you on the flippity-flip.